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Sunday, 19 February 2012

"We Can Think For Ourselves Thank You Sue"

Jersey medical officer welcomes menu alcohol percentages

Dr Susan Turnbull said the initiative encouraged responsible drinking

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An initiative to list the percentage of alcohol in each drink on a restaurant's wine list has been welcomed by Jersey's medical officer.
Dr Susan Turnbull said it can be difficult to know how much alcohol is in each drink.
The Jersey Pottery company has published the information in its restaurants to help customers monitor how much they consume.
Dr Turnbull said the initiative encouraged responsible drinking.
"You can drink more than a woman's daily allowance in a large glass of wine... if people don't realise that already I think it's time they did. This is a really good move in that direction," Dr Turnbull said.
The States of Jersey said men should not exceed three to four units and women two to three units per day on a regular basis.
One unit is equal to 25ml measure of spirit, one 125ml glass of wine at 8% alcohol by volume (abv) or half a pint of ordinary strength beer, lager or cider, the States added.

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  1. Encourage responsible drinking says Susan Turnbull...what rubbish..these people hide behind taking wages under false pretences.....un worldly desk jockeys....people get intoxicated to relieve "Responsibility" get it Sue ...? they get pissed to forget their blues caused by you and your kind.