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Friday, 10 February 2012

"Victims Slowly Plucking Up Courage"

Big jump in police complaints

Jersey's Police Complaints authority handled twice as many complaints last year than they did in 2010.

Their latest report shows they investigated 35 incidents involving States or Honorary officers.

But, they say it's too early to say whether this rise is part of a continuing trend.

They also say the island's laws need to be changed so the authority can do their job more effectively.

Amongst the things they want to see are:

- A formalising of the process for managing and supervising the investigation of complaints against the Chief Officer and Deputy Chief Officer.

- A more progressive disciplinary process allowing for formal verbal and written warnings. At the moment any formal disciplinary action requires a Hearing.

- Development of a fast-tracking process for extreme cases where the evidence is incontrovertible.

- Including in the Police Code a responsibility on police officers to challenge and report any improper conduct on the part of another officer.


  1. The Police are much better than they used to be. Better visible presence on the streets and public confidence.

  2. I have to agree with that anon, but things are still pretty far from right.

  3. Yeah as i thought. it would not stay on your blog to long. your just as bad as the rag.

  4. Self Self self eh?

  5. Self Self self eh?

  6. YOU are just like everyone else, if you had taken the time and thought to send a simple message, you would have found out that I posted it but then accidentally deleted it!!!

    If you care to resend, I am happy to put your link up :)

    "Perhaps the proper conclusion one can come to, is not to come easily to conclusions."

  7. Then you should learn how to run your blog without deleting posts.


  8. AND....I am very tired today after 12 hours studying

  9. I thank you sir We can all make mistakes.

  10. Another jersey sex offender was jailed 2 weeks ago, relating to a crime against a minor. I have not seen or heard anything in local media, had to get the info word of mouth. Another paedophile goes unnamed in jersey. He may have been jailed but, can anyone tell me, why the secrecy ?