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Thursday, 16 February 2012

"Self Interest Sucks Says Monty"

Politicians don't belong on Electoral Commission

Two Jersey Deputies are speaking out against plans to include politicians on the Electoral Commission, looking into States Reform.

Deputies Judy Martin and Montfort Tadier, who are members of the Privileges and Procedures Committee, say politicians would seriously hamper the work of the Commission. They have submitted a minority report disagreeing with the Committee's recommendation.

They say that's because, for more than a decade, States members have proved themselves incapable of reform.

"The reason for adopting an independent Electoral Commission was to get rid of self interest, and the perception of self-interest, and thus to enable the public to put forward their views on electoral reform to a transparent, unbiased body. It is also important because the States have proved themselves incapable of reform," reads the minority report.

"If States members are allowed to sit on the Electoral Commission, its independence will be totally undermined. The Commission should not be composed of any States members, and particularly those who have clearly stated views on the outcome of the Commission’s work."

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  1. Quite agree, cannot believe that Gorst proposed Bailhache to "chair"
    the committee. Putting a fox in charge of the hen house..!!!!