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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"The Poor Slapped Again"

Electricity prices to rise


Jersey Electricity CEO, Chris Ambler says the price increase will help fund their long-term investment programme.

The cost of electricity in Jersey is going up - prices will rise by 2.9% from 1st May - it is the first hike in tariffs for more than three years.

The below-inflation rise will help pay for Jersey Electricity's long-term investment programme.

Jersey Electricity is currently working on a third £60 million under-sea cable to France which should come online by 2015.

The company's CEO Chris Ambler said: "We've worked hard to keep our tariffs stable and competitive over the last three years. Providing affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to Islanders is our core objective. We hope that by keeping our promise to continue our 2011 price freeze through the winter months this year has gone some way to alleviate pressure on family budgets in these difficult times."

The last price rise was in 2009 when tariffs went up by 24%. That was followed by a price cut in 2010 and a freeze last year.

Prices are usually altered at the start of each calendar year. This latest change will be the only one for 2012.


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