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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"Pip 'squeaks' The Usual Lies"

No tax rises for three years, says minister

TAXES will not have to increase during the next three years for the States to tackle issues such as unemployment, housing and reforming the health service, the Treasury Minister said yesterday.

Speaking during a debate on the Strategic Plan document proposed by ministers, Senator Philip Ozouf moved to reassure Islanders that as long as the States meets its savings targets, lives within its means and plans for the future, there will be no need for taxes, including GST, to rise.

Instead, he said ministers would be looking at options such as borrowing money to invest in housing projects, introducing user-pays charges for some services and drawing on the Island’s ‘significant resources’ to fund their extensive to-do list.

However, the Senator, who previously went back on an election promise not to raise GST, admitted that the ‘big problem’ was going to be finding up to £300 million needed to fund a new hospital.


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