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Sunday, 26 February 2012

"One Hobby Bobby No One Will Want To Learn From"

What ASBO Britain can learn from Jersey

IT may have ASBOs and Neighbourhood Watch, but the UK government has a lot to learn from the way Jersey deals with teenage troublemakers, according to one of the world’s best-known publications.

The Economist – read by 8.5 million people around the world – has hailed Jersey’s honorary police system as a model for other jurisdictions to copy.

One of the magazine’s columnists, who visited Jersey recently, found teenagers who had stolen a keg of beer being put to work on a St Ouen farm and being forced to write a letter of apology.

As part of the community-based punishment they were also required to spread manure on a sheep farmer’s field.

After six months, only one of the four teenagers had reoffended.

Bagehot, the name under which the columnist writes, praised the way officers were elected locally and worked on a voluntary basis, saving taxpayers thousands.


  1. I don't think you can put Danny Scaife and Mitch C in the same league .
    But I guess someone like you Ian ,that has been on the wrong side now and again feel all honaries and police are bad.

    Thank god you don't mix with anty politicians .

  2. Didn't take long for the trolling to begin did it? Still, we cannot expect anything else from the establishment saddo's can we!

    And just for fun, you would be very surprised who I mix with, (if you knew)....

    This weekend I have been mixing with a very well known Lady who told me that certain members of the Jersey Police's "Professional Standards Unit" (there to investigate police corruption) are in fact presently covering up for bent coppers!!!

    But of course, I will let you know all about that in a week or two.

    Sweet Dreams :)

  3. Just love your indiscretion Ian
    You will go a long way (not)
    Poor lady or man you've put in the picture, your Hardly inconspicuous .

  4. To rephrase:

    You mean I am not a snide little weasel that blabs and hides when the stick gets shitty!!!

    Yes, you are quite right, I won't get very far, well not in your idea of a group of honourable friends, NO....

    At least I am honest, straight talking, and unafraid, that makes me more wholesome than most of your associates I wouldn't wonder!

  5. One thing I must know! How the hell could catch a criminal?

  6. certain members of the Jersey Police's "Professional Standards Unit"

    Handpicked aren't they!!

  7. ian ,i know a honry where i live ,he tells me things but what he dose not realize is im not his mate .he boasted about his training but he not worked for 20 years as he has a glass back ,ha ha . there .the lot of them .

  8. At least I am honest, straight talking, and unafraid, that makes me more wholesome than most of your associates I wouldn't wonder!

    February 26, 2012 9:17 PM

    In your opinion , where's the evidence?
    You have been in prison !!!

  9. I have been in prison !!! SO WHAT?

    Thousands of innocent people have been sent to prison in corrupt Jersey? It means nothing.

    And why do I have to prove anything to you pray tell?

    But since you judge a man on the fact that he has been to prison, try READING THIS!!!

  10. NOW....when you have read it, ask yourself one long hard question!

    Why would the Judicial Greffe of the Royal Court have to doctor my trial tapes before they were sent to England for transcription?

  11. i been there too ,so what .and i was guilty ha .its not a crime .

  12. When i asked a states police officer what they thought of the hobby
    cops the reply was they are not even good at directing traffic,one year on battle of flowers day a senior officer told a friend to send some men to arrest those idiots on traffic duty (Hobby Cops)