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Monday, 6 February 2012

"Le Marquand & Fellow Crooks Cost Tax Payer £1.4m"

£1.4m: Cost of police disciplinary reviews

It cost £234,854 to cover the duties of former police chief Graham Power

EXTERNAL inquiries and reviews of alleged police disciplinary issues have cost the taxpayer £1.4 million since November 2008.

An initial figure of £894,394 quoted in the States over two weeks ago did not include the salary costs, including paid cover, in relation to suspended officers.

The cost of covering the duties of suspended police chief Graham Power was £234,854.

During a written States question to the Home Affairs Minister, St Helier Deputy Trevor Pitman asked for further information regarding his question to the minister on 17 January.

That question related to how much money had been spent on external inquiries into and reviews of alleged police disciplinary issues since November 2008.


  1. Ian.

    So the Home Affairs Minister spent, at the bare minimum, £1.1m, on what has been called "a personal vendetta" against the Former Police Chief.

    Not one disciplinary charge was ever brought against Mr. Power £1.1m on a disciplinary investigation that produced not a single disciplinary charge, and there's no money for adequate cover in the hospital, no money for children's milk in schools, no money for a COI into the Child Abuse that went on for decades in this island............But £1.1m to get rid of the guy who's force exposed the Child Abuse............Jersey doesn't do credit cards, but if they did, they would be the most corrupt credit cards in the world............IMO.

  2. And yet...These same ridiculous expenses will be cited as the main reason not to conduct a truly independent and transparent inquiry into anything which matters. A lot has been spent to muddy the waters, and they will spend anything necessary to cloud them further, and spend all they have and more to prevent the entire truth from being seen.


  3. I was going to put something on the Jep have your say as they were allowing comments and lo and behold at the time of writing you cant comment anymore. Wonder if they will delete the 3 already on there!!! Perhaps it will be available again but I have noticed this type of thing before from them. Let the ones through we agree with or want then close it off to new comments.

    Not sure if they used the phrase before but I did note this time the word "alleged" was in the header.

  4. They have spent 1.4 million (at least) so far, and they will spend another 1.4 million. This is because they can and this is because they now have to.

    They have gone this far with no regard to expense. For them there is now no turning back....

    Until they are somehow stopped?!

  5. Stuart Say's

    Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

    Ruby Thursday - thanks for that comment. I recommend that readers outside Jersey look at the linked Jersey Evening Post article. What is revealed is a "newspaper" that long ago left the radar-screen of credibility.

    In addition to those three absurd comments, it is worth noting that the story fails to convey - at all - the fact that there is now a very substantive body of published documented evidence - that shows the suspension of Graham Power to have been a criminal act.

    So amongst those responsible for any wasted public money - is Frank Walker - who was instrumental in driving that unlawful action.

    Strangely enough - coincidences, eh? - it so happens it's a topical consideration.

    I'll just remind readers of something I wrote in the posting of the 19th November 2008, concerning the JEP - known locally simply as The Rag - and it's most powerful boss, John Averty: -

    "But why – in these times – in the year 2000 – in the year 2007 – in the year 2008 – should a “newspaper” – moreover the only newspaper on the island – take such a shockingly irrational, dishonest and immoral stance in respect of sexual crimes?

    It’s mystifying – isn't it?

    So – to try and get to the bottom of this mystery – I want to explore some of the history - some of the key figures – of power and influence at The Rag.

    And this is where you – dear readers – come into play.

    We are starting with the mysterious John Averty.

    Although an obscure figure to the average Jersey person – he will still be very well known – perhaps going back some decades – to a not insignificant number of Jersey men and women.

    And I ask this question – because I've been asked to ask it by some constituents – does anyone out there have any enlightening material?

    Anything which could shed some light on the obscure past of Mr Averty?

    If so – you are not alone.

    I repeat – you are not alone.

    So – let that message go out – that we are beginning our examination of the festering reality of The Rag with one of its more mysterious and obscure figures – John Averty.

    Feel free to contact me privately if you wish.

    I think, perhaps, next time, we’ll take a close look at Rob Shipley – but for the time being – search your memories and experiences for any recollection of John Averty.

    Like I said – you are not alone."

    Now - I think we need to be taking a close look - don't we - at the suspension of Graham Power?

    Don't we, Frank?

    Tuesday, 7 February 2012 00:51:00 GMT

  6. Classic case of shooting the messenger isn't it? Good guys try to expose the bad guys, have a hard time of it, it gets expensive, and then it's all the good guys' fault!

  7. I have just read the wiltshire report, and am of the opinion that if what is in it is true then both GP and LH were out of their depth and deserved to be relieved of their duties,were can I see any other report that prooves otherwise?


  9. "both GP and LH were out of their depth and deserved to be relieved of their duties"

    If they were out of their depth as you put it then those who took over should have done a better job one would think, but no Warcup and the cockle picker cop Grabwell spent most of the time slagging Lenny and Graham and the whole abuse thing off!

    Freemasons are at the bottom of this and Grabwell and Warcup are both freemason trouble shooter who know others who are willing to do what is necessary to bring as much pressure as possible to end any inquiry that could not just bring Jersey’s privileged few down but many other figures from the UK too. Remember this Island is the Queens and the shadows falls long across the sea.