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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

"Journalism Just Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!"

 "Stuart Syvret Offers Lucy Manson
The Evidence On A Plate"

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said... 
Well - what else could we expect from The Rag? But if Lucy Mason labours under the delusion she is an actual journalist - as opposed to PR copy writer - perhaps should would like to produce several detailed stories for her bosses on the evidenced - 'evidenced', note - illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power? Tell you what - I rarely ever speak to the JEP - but I'll make an offer. If Lucy Mason wishes to contact me - I will explain the evidence to her - furnish her with copies - and give a detailed interview about the Power suspension - and the legal and constitutional ramifications thereof. How about that? Perhaps someone will convey my offer to her. Stuart


  1. She starts off with a fairly decent story, if not a bit bland to me but maybe not so to others and then sticks a really imature paragraph at then end.

    Maybe if she had said print multiple copies of every piece of evidence out there and hand them out in binders then at least everyone can make their own conclusions based on the evidence. And not based on her or her peers assumptions. Otherwise, based on the first part of her story she has just proved herself a hypocrite. What a dunce.

  2. Ian.

    How delusional is this?

    “But it is up to us, the media, to see it and balance it with unbiased information about what else has gone on, and put everything in its context.”

    She clearly hasn't read probably the most defining Report ever conducted in Jersey concerning the disgraceful role played by the STATE MEDIA

  3. I just can't under stand why they are called journalist's, more like do as you are told & put this in at the end of your ramble.

    These people just will not stop having a go.

    Absolutely disgusting.

  4. Yup! Another you attack for their freedom of speech. Besides you and Boschat are in the petty debts court tomorrow so maybe you can kiss and make up?

  5. Immature, unintelligent, naive, ignorant and lacking in any kind of sympathy AT ALL.

    A disgraceful piece of reporting at the end of her article.

    It may interest you (or probably not)Ms Mason that a survivor of the worst kind of abuse was at that States sitting. I wonder if you would consider making your comments direct to him?

    I think not - but hey, what else can we expect from brainwashed JEP reporters.

  6. I am posting this comment on those Jersey blogs that have highlighted Lucy Mason's opinion piece today.

    What I would like to point out is that the unfortunate caption under the picture "Time to let the historical abuse inquiry rest" may not have been written by her, but added by her editors during page layout. Who knows? Well, maybe she does, but she's not really in a position to tell us, if she didn't write that bit.

    What she actually said in her opinion piece was "Every document relating to the issue, every email, report, memo and scrap of paper should be printed out, piled up and then chucked up in the air in the middle of the Royal Square. Then, and only then, everyone, including those directly involved, can get on with their lives".

    What she is effectively saying is "We need a totally transparent public inquiry. Only then can this be put to the rest, for all parties".

    Which is exactly what the bloggers are saying, isn't it?

    So, before people attack her, read her piece again. You can't blame her for the picture tagline. Her real message is in the body of the article.

    Unfortunately for Lucy, I think her hopes are rather forlorn, given the fallout that would ensue from her suggestion.

  7. The last comment proves she is not a journalist but more a child who believes in fairies, although some may say she saved the biggest spin for last, why can't they get real journalists working at the JEP, oh I remember, John Averty!!

  8. "Yup! Another you attack for their freedom of speech."

    I haven't commented a word you mindless imbecile!

  9. These state media hacks who prostitute themselves this way in exchange for a paycheck and the false claim to be journalists, have very little understanding of the real world. In that real world outside Jersey, this article cannot be read without cringing.

    What the rest of the world knows about Jersey is that a few years ago, a long saga involving state sponsored and media complicit child abuse was exposed on Jersey by policemen and outside media who claimed some still in the current civil and political administration of Jersey were suspects.

    Virtually every outside media expose contained some mention of how the Jersey government and media had tried to cover it up for decades, and would continue to do so if given the opportunity.

    Your blog, since its inception, has proved that to be the case.

    Outside Jersey, does anyone care what the Jersey cover up artists are saying? No. Anyone interested will google the topic and find the truth easily enough. The newspaper there is not persuasive on any objective basis, and the actual evidence is never even discussed by the Jersey media or their political sponsors. In terms of spin artists' success in preserving Jersey's reputation, they have only confirmed outsiders worst suspicions.

  10. What she actually said in her opinion piece was "Every document relating to the issue, every email, report, memo and scrap of paper should be printed out, piled up and then chucked up in the air in the middle of the Royal Square. Then, and only then, everyone, including those directly involved, can get on with their lives".

    Interpretation is everything.

    I read the above, and I am puzzled as to what Ms. Masons meant.

    It could imply her wish to get rid of all the paperwork and move on.

    Build a bonfire throw it in the wind? What does she mean.?

    She is not saying get it in the open and review everything is she?

    I think she is covering all bases in the avove paragraph.

  11. I've found her opinions sickening in the past, but reading this, this time, it seems perfectly OK.

    She's calling for everything to be revealed so it can be settled once and for all. Fine.

    - Apart from the insinuations of hearsay with a lack of evidence. However, that could apply to either side of the argument!

  12. Look. If Lucy Mason's writing requires so many multiple interpretations, especially to defend it's obscure intent, she is no journalist.

    If she wants to put a stop to these criticisms and to see full transparency on the issue, she should simply call for an open independent investigation with all evidence published for public consumption, except for the names and identifying information from victims.

    If she doesn't want to do that, she can't expect us to pretend she does, especially when she is unwilling to make herself clear on the matter.