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Thursday, 23 February 2012

"Jersey Doctors On The Menu"

Jersey consumer council will look at GP charges

Jersey GP 
Rose Colley says the medical profession has never come under scrutiny from the consumer council

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The new chairman of the Jersey Consumer Council said she would investigate GP charges.
Advocate Rose Colley said it now had a member of the medical profession on the council for the first time.
She said: "He wants to look at the pricing structure and service in terms of GPs, dentists, physiotherapists and perhaps therapists."
The average cost of a consultation in Jersey is £37.70 but can vary depending on the medical practice and doctor.
Mrs Colley said: "We are looking at issues that affect many people, more people will see their GP or dentist than will hopefully have to use the service of a lawyer very often."
The chairman said that while the consumer council had looked at other professions in the past, it had never looked into the medical profession.
"Work can be done in terms of what each of the medical practices charge.
"With some medical practices you can go into the reception and see what they charge for an appointment. There is a disparity between what the different practices charge," she said.

1 comment:

  1. The Doctors charges are just a typical example of the "Jersey Way" take, take , take, no surprise..!!!
    Incidendally, how come that "SPAR" do no longer sell cigarettes, and other stuff, I heard they cannot pay their bills, and that they are in trouble...!!!!
    I "f*****G" hope so, as they are among the biggest "f*****g" gangsters in this greedy, greedy Island.