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Friday, 10 February 2012

"God Help Us"

Ban on taser guns lifted

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - taser gun

The UK has lifted a ban on the export of tasers to the Channel Islands.

Tasers are a less dangerous option for armed police and are only deployed locally to trained firearms officers.

A UK government policy on exporting Tasers had an unintended consequence of preventing the export of Taser equipment to the Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories.

In Guernsey, the police were left with limited stock of Taser equipment that had been obtained before the new policy was enforced.

Home Department Minister Geoff Mahy has welcomed the development.


  1. God help us if the honorarys get their grubby little hands on these!

  2. My concern me with the Tasers being allowed in Jersey, would be the States of Jersey bureaucracy.

    I anticipate an officer being left to pick up the pieces of his life when made a scapegoat at some stage, in the event a tragedy occcurs.