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Thursday, 2 February 2012

"The Fruitcake Strikes Again"

"Cover Up Le Marquand Refuses To Publish Letter"


  1. Ian.

    Naturally none of the State Media would have put in an "access to information" request in order to view the Warcup letter.

    No doubt the first anybody will see of it will be on the Blogs, rendering the State Media more obsolete than they are already.

  2. So ILM says it 's a complete waste of money to look into something already covered by the Napier Report, because ILM thinks some members won't accept Napier's conclusions. It is ILM who does not accept Napier's conclusions. Napier said there was not sufficient hard evidence for Graham Power's suspension, and yet it is ILM who will not allow any of the allegedly "solid evidence" to see light of day. Because there never was any.

  3. Arrest him, hes actually against the people of Jersey, a treacherous act. Hang him.
    Another free mason *anker.