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Thursday, 16 February 2012

"Fantastic Minimum Wage Opportunities For Youngsters!!!"

More than 200 local jobs in hospitality

The States' Back to Work team have identified more than 200 jobs in the hospitality sector that will be available to locally qualified job seekers this coming season.

The team has been working with a number of hospitality employers to identify seasonal jobs that could help unemployed islanders back into work.

The jobs available range from housekeeping and reception work to bar and waiting work.

Economic Development Minister, Senator Alan Maclean, said: “What we have been keen to do is work with the industry and ask them to help us find practical ways in which the employers could, where possible, source their workers from the local market rather than seeking applications from outside the Island. The meetings and feedback that we have had has been positive and we are extremely grateful to the industry for their time and willingness to work with us.”

Back to Work have gone to great lenghts to identify job seekers who already posess the required skills for the industry. They will now receive further training to help them make the most of any upcoming opportunities.

Sue Armes, HR Director of Seymour Hotels said: “We are, and always have been, keen to employ locally qualified people but they do have to have the right attitude for working in the hospitality industry. There are people out there who have that and hopefully this partnership with Back to Work will help us reach them and make good recruitment decisions as a result."

The Jersey Hospitality Association will be providing some of the training in the form of industry insight sessions.

Gerald Fletcher, CEO of the JHS said: “Jersey’s hospitality industry is always pleased to support and to welcome new people, who are motivated and committed and have the right aptitude to succeed and progress in the broad range of jobs offered by this very dynamic and rewarding sector of Jersey’s economy.”

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