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Thursday, 2 February 2012

"Doctors Don't Want Our Money?"

Doctors ‘would back move from current charging system’

Dr Philippa Venn
Dr Philippa Venn

DOCTORS would support a move away from Jersey’s system of charging patients for a consultation, according to a representative of the Island’s GPs.

Dr Philippa Venn, a leading member of Jersey’s primary care governance unit – which represents the Island’s GPs – said that a ‘blended’ payment system would be best for both patients and doctors.
However, she poured cold water on hopes that visiting a GP would ever be entirely free.

She said: ‘Free healthcare at the point of delivery, as they have in the UK, is extremely unusual.
‘I think that free healthcare is not achievable for everyone, although there could be supplemented or free healthcare for certain patients.’

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