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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

"Dita Pavarniece Death - Niall Linden Appears"

Death Crash Driver In Court


Niall Linden is charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

A 36-year-old man charged with causing death by dangerous driving was in court this morning.

27-year old Dita Pavarniece died when Niall Linden's Lotus Elise crashed into a wall on St Clement's Coast Road last February.

A post mortem concluded a severe head injury was the cause of her death.

In August Linden was put on £10,000 bail.

Today, Crown Advocate Matthew Jowitt said he needed more time to gather evidence from expert witnesses to determine the likely speed of the vehicle at the time of the impact.

Defence Advocate Sarah Fitz asked that her client's bail conditions be relaxed so that he only had to report to the police once, rather than twice, each week. The judge agreed to the request.

He also set a provisional trial date of 24th September 2012, though said he hoped it could proceed sooner.

No plea was entered by Linden today, and there will be a further plea and directions hearing in either late April or early May.

Dita Pavarniece died of head injuries following the crash.


  1. This has been stated a number of times, and from different sources, are you fully in the know?

  2. Thw question you all must anser is this "Who is Niall Linden?". Then you'll understand.

  3. Oooh, sounds like just the sort of secret we'd all like to know, 'cos believe me we've all been asking the question, but not a lot of answers were forthcoming. Are you suggesting he's a sort of stunt man?


  4. An rta with a death is a tragedy. There is something unhealthy and grossly inappropriate about how people have responded on this site in the wake of a tragic death.

  5. In what way?

    Like needing to know the whole truth of the matter?

  6. ''was not him''.....what a load of b.s.
    That would take a massive cover-up by ALL the emergency services that attended, get a grip.

    More to the point, why has it taken 12months and Crown still aren't ready and wanting more expert witness evidence about the speed..... FTF?

  7. Wasn't there some other case that ALL the emergency services that attended covered up once ?

  8. I would hate if my loved one's death was subjected to gossip and rumour. As for the driver who knows what happened. As a driver i have made errors, skidded in rain and snow. Thankfully without ever having any grave consequences. Lets leave it to the court and remember also dita's family.

  9. Anon above, your point is very valid, but also is the other side. Jersey is so corrupt that anything is possible, and usually is the case.

    What other democracy doctors peoples trial tapes before their appeal?

    Or refuses to look into the possibility of many hospital murders?

    Or completely ignores child abuse for decades?

    I ask you?

  10. More to the point, why has it taken 12months and Crown still aren't ready and wanting more expert witness evidence about the speed..... FTF?

    Don't you think they are trying to find someone who will say he wasn't speeding?
    Probably takes a lot longer than normal?

  11. vidnkmI tell you what, if my daughter had been Dita, I would want every single stone upturned to get to the truth of exactly what happened and why and who did it.
    This case has been strange from day one.

  12. I only copied the comment above, FTF isn't my doing.

  13. anon at 9.42 'Wasn't there some other case that ALL the emergency services that attended covered up once ?

    I don't know? was there? more inuendo.....wasn't Jack the rippper a member of the royal family?

    FTF...sorry meant WTF! :)

  14. i may be little slow but what dose ftf mean ?.also i agree that it could be a cover up .. any thing poss with this shower of prat states members

  15. What is the current status of this case? Looked for info of repeorted hearing scheduled for April or May and found nothing. Is the accused still not allowed to leave the island?

  16. Would like an update of the status of this case. Looked for info regarding hearing in Aprila or May. Nothing. Is the accused allowed to leave the island at this time?

  17. I have not heard anything else either.

  18. Lack of evidence after all this time... cockup or conspiracy?

    I really don’t understand the law (in jersey); you’re driving above the speed limit in wet conditions and a passenger dies when you crash the car… sounds dangerous to me.

  19. It's called corruption anon :)

  20. So who is he then ? Never heard of him. And why would this be covered up ? Stop the speculation and answer the question.

  21. Did you know that Jowitt's father is a high court judge on a case in Northern Ireland presently, the owner of the crashed car is from Northern Ireland, a possible connection.......

  22. Try looking up Linden's uncle - high court judge in Northern Ireland. Try also looking up his legal team.