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Friday, 10 February 2012

"Crowcroft Is Avin A Larf!!!"

Constable hits out at ‘unfair’ parking system

Constable hits out at ‘unfair’ parking system
The scratchcard payment system needs to be changed, says the Constable

THE paycard parking system is outdated, unfair and punitive, the Constable of St Helier has claimed.

Simon Crowcroft said that motorists are often reduced to tears or refuse to return to town for six months after receiving unfair parking fines.
‘I don’t agree with scratch paycards at all,’ he said. ‘It’s heart-breaking when I get people coming into the Town Hall thinking that I can help them with tickets, but as Constable I have no powers over multi-storey car parks – just on-street parking.

‘We have people coming to see us in tears because they have been stung with a £40 fine because they scratched the wrong part of the card or it fell off the dashboard. It’s an incredibly punitive system.’


  1. "Constable hits out at ‘unfair’ parking system"

    Yet he has 'NO' problem using the revenue from them to balance the P.O.S.H books!!!

    Shameless Hypocrite....

  2. i agree Ian , they are all hippoes .sorry Hippocrates

  3. why do these people care anyways??
    all the states members get free parking in public car parks anyways!
    so they don't give a s***te about how much parking costs.
    mind you saying that they had to give them free parking as they must of found it difficult to work out a how to use a scratch card,as all there combined iq scores must come to less then 10.