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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"Child Abuse Victims Will Hopefully Name Their Abusers"

Jersey Abuse Victims Compensation

Will Not Have

Conditions Attached :)

Jersey Government Child Abuser - Mario Lundy
Seven people were convicted after the abuse inquiry, with four linked to Haut de la Garenne
Historical abuse victims could receive payments as early as next month and will not be ‘gagged’ by non-disclosure agreements, Chief Minister Ian Gorst told the States yesterday.

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People who were abused while in care in Jersey will find out how much they can claim in compensation from March, according to the chief minister.

States officials are still working on details about the scheme offering payments to abuse victims.
Senator Ian Gorst said no restrictions would be placed on people speaking about their cases.

He said he hoped to be able to outline a Committee of Inquiry into historical abuse in the island in March.
The compensation claims follow an inquiry, between 2007 and 2010, into historical abuse at the island's children's homes.

Police took 1,776 statements from 192 alleged victims during the inquiry, which led to seven convictions, four of which were linked to Haut de la Garenne.

Senator Gorst said it would be difficult to get the terms that the inquiry would operate under right.


The Link Below Contains 2 Very Graphic Video's
Of Severe Child Abuse


  1. Go watch your kiddy fucking violence weirdo!!!!!!!!!

  2. My My, those cans must be flying down the neck hey Jon?

    Looks like the neighbours ceiling is in for another soaking!!!

  3. Do you actually believe people from the states can be arsed to read any of this shit or do you just write this guff to forget all your own problems with debt etc?

  4. The States? What States? The States of Jersey? The United States? Which States???

    Is that Mario's daughter again by any chance? Or is that the child abuser himself?

    AND, by the way, I do not have any problem with debt as I know how to get out of it lawfully!!!

    Unlike Mario, who cannot get out of his predicament :)

    What goes around comes around, or didn't you know?

  5. If you had any understanding of the law Mario Lundy is innocent until proven guilty. Now Ian if you want to publically call this man a criminal and child abuser I suggest you e-mail him and post it on here because I doubt he reads your blog or anybody else's.

  6. I already did publish it on here, what kind of halfwit retard are you?

    You are to thick to be Jon, even that imbecile could wager a better argument than you do.

    You must be Ian Le Marquand, the prized halfwit who is going to suffer his own idiocy and lack of judgement at his own peril....

    For the last time, hopefully, MARIO LUNDY IS A CHILD ABUSER, law suites are more than welcome here :)

  7. Cut the childish insults I am serious.

    You have actually e-mailed Mario Lundy and accused him of child abuse? Link please.

  8. Cut the childish insults I am serious.

    You have actually e-mailed Mario Lundy and accused him of child abuse?

    Link please.

  9. You have to send the same message twice! and I am the idiot who is not in control?

    Look, do me a big favour, if the child abuser Mario Lundy is not aware of this blog, or specifically, this posting, please make him aware.

    Please then get him angry enough to do something about my accusations! A fist fight in the Royal Square would be a good start, the shock of someone fighting back would really throw him :)

  10. God Damned idiot losers, Jeeeeeez....

  11. Look its not hard! If Jersey's juditial system worked the way it should then Lundy would be in prison by now, He has been named by victims as an abuser, he has not brought any legal actions over these allegations and nor will he or would he if lots of people emailed him with allegations.

    That would mean a court case where things might not go the way the Jersey courts want it to go.

    Belfast-born Mario Lundy, the island’s director of education, faced the call from the floor of the States of Jersey, the island’s parliament, during a bad-tempered parliamentary questions session.

    Mr Lundy is one of a string of leading figures in Jersey to have links with the so-called ‘House of Horrors’, Haut de la Garenne, having worked there for a period before it closed. He strenuously denies any suggestion of wrongdoing.

    The former teacher also worked at its successor, Les Chenes, where further allegations of physical abuse against staff members are being examined by the probe.

    Police continue to investigate claims by more than 160 former residents of Jersey’s children’s homes about decades of abuse — both physical and sexual — stretching from the 1960s until Haut de la Garenne was closed in 1986, at its successor Les Chenes and a number of other children’s facilities.

    Read more:

  12. What and land you back inside for many years? Ian this is your blog and your claims against this man who I bet you've never even met and if you do think he is a child abuser then I suggest you publically get his attention by contacting him and showing that you have done so to your readers. Then I may say, well fair play.

  13. I am not feared of the consequences of any of my words or actions, or jail. There is nothing more that this vile disgusting regime can do to me that will make me minded to even (Frank the bat) an eyelid!

    I am untouchable, simply because, like Stuart Syvret, I cannot be bullied anymore, there is no fear whatsoever.

    Can you not register this simple equation?

  14. It sounds simple yes.

    You claim to be bullied yet you behave like a bully. Just send Lundy an e-mail and stop wasting my time with this stupid childish talk.

  15. In the sick twisted warped mind of a child abuse sponsor, which you obviously are, you feel it is outlandish to 'out' a child abuser?

    YOU are the sick retarded bully that needs so much love and understanding, not me.

    My conscience is all above board and beautifully in line with the flow of life, and the Universe.

    I have a very good friend named Cyril, this man will talk to you, reason with you, and heal you, all in the "BAT" of an eyelid if you wish to engage with his assistance and understanding.

    You really should get in touch with the man you disgusting paedophile sponsor....

  16. Yellow belly.

    Ian you need to stop drinking. Get your debts sorted out and knock all this delusional paranoid rubbish on the head. Step back for an hour and read it back to yourself, you are making an arshole of yourself yet you cannot see it!

    Take care

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    I ain't had a single drink since I met up with Trevor Pitman, I ain't been for a night out in 2 years, and I am getting fit and healthy on a vegan diet which I have been on for almost 3 weeks and feeling like I have not in 20 years.

    Bring it on butt-munch, your ilk are finished.

    Keep an eye out shortly for my complaints against Bridget Shaw, game show Mike, and Dim Tim, that vain corrupt clown that professes to be the A.G!!!

    Shit & fan are a wonderful combination when adroitly applied :)

    Oh, and lets not forget King Birt, his time is coming around shortly....

  18. Boy oh boy, the pro child abuse sponsors are hard at it today!

    Shame nothing is getting through :)

  19. The only paedophiles around here are you and Rico. Bet you have loads of pthc files on your pcs and your mate Carell was banged up today.

  20. Does anybody have details of the procedures being used to sue in these cases using the UK High Court?
    This is constitution breaking stuff and could be very useful for many other battles to know the legal route being used.
    Any information would be appreciated and treated with respect.

  21. Tom, I shall be going down that road shortly so will share any info I get.

  22. "Does anybody have details of the procedures being used to sue in these cases using the UK High Court?
    This is constitution breaking stuff and could be very useful for many other battles to know the legal route being used.
    Any information would be appreciated and treated with respect."

    Tom, I suspect this is a well-orchestrated lie between the Lawyer acting on behalf of the victims and the local judiciary to show the public that the pressure is on to speed up the compensation claims. No Lawyer in their right mind on a no win no fee situation would go to this expense surely!!!

  23. cannot believe this wicked git is still walking when others are suffering because of him. the ones with good evidence they keep locked up.