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Friday, 17 February 2012


Does your neighbour own a gun?
Deputy Trevor Pitman wants greater transparency around gun ownership.

A Jersey Deputy wants greater transparency on gun ownership in the island.

Deputy Trevor Pitman is asking a question of the Home Affairs Minister in Tuesday's States meeting.

He specifically wants to know what rights members of the public have to be informed by the police, where it's known that their neighbours are in possession of large arsenals of weapons.

Deputy Pitman said: "If someone is living next door to you and they have got a large amount of weapons, perhaps it might even be an individual who needs help, that's got to be a concern, and I've got a constituent who's been living in fear for more than a year basically, so that's why I'm taking it up."

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  1. Evidence of nutters with guns is in Lennys affidavit. I personally know a trust fund manager who owns a Magnum handgun, and an M16 army issue rifle, and a few more besides. Loads of people have guns over here. If you walked in the wrong area, St Ouens, St Mary's etc, at the wrong time of day, you would run the risk of accidentally getting shot, as the gun lovers are out with their dogs, shooting the shit out of the local wildlife. Infact, when I was a child, my friends father took us to Noirmont point to show us how to shoot a shotgun, during the day, with tourists taking pictures of the lovely vista. Think you are safe over here ? All the bankers and lawyers and finance people, who move over here every year, and buy the old jersey houses, and boast to their friends in the uk, how safe and quaint and backward Jersey is.... Think again. This is not a safe society. The gun toting angry bastards are living next door to you. Sweet dreams!