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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

"Bailhache Or Freedom?"

Your Future In Your Hands


  1. The parishioners of St Clement voted in favour of supporting Deputy Le Herissier's amendments.
    In other words to effectively reject PPC's attempt to put States Members on the Electoral Commission as Sen Sir Philip Bailhache wanted.
    Votes were 16 for Deputy Roy Le H with none against and 11 abstentions.

    Predictably Adv Sue Permain tried to lead the opposition in support of Sir Philip...
    Next meeting is St Helier on Wed 29February...see you there....

  2. NO VOTES!!!

    hahaha, tells a story :)

  3. about 40 people there. Not sure of the purpose of the meeting unless it was just to air the issue. Certainly little point in bothering with a vote on the evening that i can see.

  4. I really hope those that called the meeting know what the purpose of the meeting was. I hope that they understand what their powers are.

    I hope they ordered the Constable to vote according to the wishes of the people.

    That's what it's for folks.

  5. Look at the "Hedging" already from Len Norman.(no comment on him nescessary)even if a hundred turn up they can't "claim" to represent the Parish...usual establishment bullshit....there have been laws changed and building permissions given to just a handful of parishiones for years..go to any building meeting in St Helier and see the majority who are there are dandara employees..I have seen it myself so not heresay...Len Norman WHAT A LITTLE BULLSHiTTER.

  6. Hang on if you only get 40 people turn up then they are obviously the only 40 who have a preference...

    We are told that it does not matter that less than 50% of the voters in Jersey vote, government is still with Consent.

    No parish ever has that many people turn up but the decisions of the assembly are still binding.

    There is no basis for Constable of St Clement to vote any other way than as dictated by his Parish and still claim to be acting as the Constable, maybe Constables are not Constables in the States?