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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

"Whats Ozo The Bozo Up To?"

Clash over ‘secret’ Waterfront report

Clash over ‘secret’ Waterfront report
Former Assistant Treasury Minister John Le Fondré is asking for the report to be published

A WATERFRONT report which said that the Esplanade Quarter project would cost taxpayers £50 million was kept quiet by ministers when it was delivered in 2008, it has been claimed.

And now former Assistant Treasury Minister John Le Fondré is calling for ministers to come clean and publish the King Sturge consultants report in full.

Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf strenuously denied that there was any chance of a £50 million loss the last time the matter was raised in the States. He said that the scheme would make tens of millions, and accused the Deputy of spreading ‘misinformation’.

Although Senator Ozouf has been unavailable for comment, his assistant minister, Deputy Eddie Noel, has said that the report is confidential ‘to protect the commercial interests of the public’. He said that any losses described in the report would have been for the developer, not the States.

In any event, the Esplanade Quarter scheme has changed dramatically since 2008. The previous preferred developers are now out of the picture, the scheme has effectively been cut in half and the States of Jersey Development Company will develop it themselves without a third party.

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