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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"They've Been Stealing From Our 'PRE-PAID' Account Since We Were Born!!!"

End of the scratch card in multi-storeys?

Scratchcards could be phased out from use in multi-storey car parks
Scratchcards could be phased out from use in multi-storey car parks

Parking scratchcards could be phased out from use in multi-storey car parks.

From March paycards will be scrapped at Sand Street car park in favour of a new number-plate recognition system which is to be trialled there.

A video camera will automatically scan each car’s J-plate as it enters and leaves the multi-storey and automatically deduct payment from a pre-paid account. Alternatively, car owners can pay at a machine before they leave.

Transport and Technical Services Minister Kevin Lewis said that he was looking forward to introducing the new system which, if successful, would be rolled out at the Island’s other multi-storey car parks.

Meanwhile, the cost of parking in Jersey is to increase in line with inflation from next Wednesday. This means that a single unit paycard will increase from the current price of 69p to 71p


  1. I know you dont agree with parking fines etc but I will put my voice across anyway.

    The way I see this is a huge step backwards and basically a case of we have covered our arses when we went scratch card in carparks.

    All that is happening here is that the old system is coming back into play which many people were annoyed about it going. Tickets versus scratchcards was always a debatable mistake. Now it looks like we are going back to the ticket system, unless of course you get an account. Might aswell admit the mistake and just go back to the ticket system but that cant happen can it as it admits a mistake. Thank god for technology to cover your crap mistake up eh!

    I might be wrong but if I remember rightly scratch cards came into place to make people pay for parking on the street because there was no other way. The old yellow disc thing did not require you to pay but then the streets became pay as you go and so scratch cards were introduce, or maybe the other way round.

    At the end of the day it brings in revenue and if there were no parking tickets then anyone who buys a gaff with no parking would be using them spaces for free and blocking up the shoppers and workers spots. Maybe St Helier should have a designated car park for residents only, maybe Dandara could build it as they are good at high rise buildings with units only fit to park a car in

  2. That last sentence was class :)

  3. Ooh, ooh, pre-paid - lovely jubbly. That means that whilst you are using this scheme, you will be in credit. Just think of all the lovely interest they will be getting on the moneys held.
    Interest on your money.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  4. Kevin Lewis...just look at the guy..he also wants to import airborne toxins for us to breathe by burning another islands waste.Guernsey thus leaving their air clean...the man is a Dork anyone voted for him is a F*****ing enigma

  5. Best I get my "number plate making kit" out and poised then. Pick a number, preferably a states owned one