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Saturday, 28 January 2012

"Portraits Of A Fruitcake!!!"


Jersey's home affairs minister is being asked to resign over the suspension of a former chief police officer involved in the historical abuse investigation.

Deputy Trevor Pitman asked for further details on how police reports were used to suspend Graham Power.
He said evidence had emerged showing there was no justification for suspending Mr Power or for criticism of Lenny Harper who led the investigation.

The BBC has been unable to contact Senator Ian Le Marquand for comment.
Since the historical abuse investigation closed in 2008 a number of reports were published into how it was handled by officers involved.

'Not critical'
Lenny Harper has written to Senator Le Marquand asking him why the message from the States was that a Metropolitan Police report to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) was critical of his handling of the investigation. 

Mr Harper said he had proof the report was not critical which destroyed the original justification for suspending Graham Power and the criticism of Lenny Harper.

The information is from two reports by the Metropolitan Police sent to the IPCC which have never been made public.

 A number of reports have been commissioned to look at the States of Jersey Police historical abuse investigation which ran between 2007 and 2008, including one from Wiltshire Police.

There was also a report by accountancy firm BDO Jersey into the financial aspects of the investigation and a scrutiny review of the BDO report.

Another report by Brian Napier QC into the suspension of Mr Power found there were not valid grounds for his suspension.

No disciplinary charges were ever made against the police officers involved during the inquiry and Graham Power retired following a lengthy suspension over his handling of the investigation.

It is that suspension which is the latest focus after his deputy and senior investigating officer, Lenny Harper wrote to Senator le Marquand to ask where the evidence for the suspension and criticism of the inquiry had come from.

Mr Harper said he had been told by officers involved that two further reports created by the Metropolitan Police were allegedly used to justify Mr Power's suspension.

He said that the home affairs minister at the time, Deputy Andrew Lewis, was not shown the interim report but instead received a summary from David Warcup, the acting chief police officer, outlining the reasons to suspend Mr Power.

Mr Harper said he had been told the Metropolitan Police report contained no criticism of the investigation.
Deputy Pitman will ask Senator Le Marquand about the issue in the States of Jersey on Tuesday.

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  1. Gee Ian you really hate Ian Le Marqaund! I guess your next step will be to physically attack him?

  2. I actually pity him....

    "For he knows not what he does"

  3. Now go tug on a ringpull, Amonia Pants!!!

  4. The only person coming across as a fruitcake at the moment is you. Nice to see you can use a blog to release all these inner tensions against the Home Affairs Minister that you have though.

  5. After what this disgusting corrupt scumbag has done to me over the years, he should be feeling rather grateful I only ridicule him on this blog.

    BUT.... I AM going to hit him, and right where it hurts, in his big fat wallet full of his victims cash who he has committed fraud against over the years in his Kangaroo Court.

    Le Marquand, and a few others WILL be at trial this year, and not in the roll they would like to be ACTing in!!!

  6. anon @7:00 & 7:53

    get over yourself will ya

    ILM is a liar, end of

    not fit to hold public office

    should be in La Moye

  7. anon @7:00 & 7:53
    your are obviousley not an abuse victim, you are lucky

  8. Mr Harper said he had been told by officers involved that two further reports created by the Metropolitan Police were allegedly used to justify Mr Power's suspension.

    Can you clarify this statement Ian ?

  9. Taken from Rico’s blog

    the Bogus (faked) `Met Interim report’

    Anonymous said...
    Please can you clarify as to whether or not there exists a report issued by the Metropolitan Police that is called: the `interim Metropolitan police Report'?

    The reason I ask, is that I am sure that the Met had made it clear, that they did not write an `Interim report'! The only report that the Met lay claim to is `The Metropolitan Police Report'....that being the only report compiled by them.

    Please can you clear this issue up for me?

    Rico replied

    A civilian employee of the Met who was working on the Met Review of Operation Rectangle sent David Warcup some briefing notes on the 10th November 2008.

    These notes where then turned into a MET Interim report in Jersey - they were just notes- Interim Report is a name made up by the Jersey Authorities.

    Re read the posting over and over and you will start to get it.

    This is why the suspension letters were drafted before the 10th - they already new what they were doing - they were using the Tapp Report

    Tapp probably never had a clue what it was going to lead to.

    You cat very well saying where going to suspend GP because of a report we commissioned that is why the name METROPOLITAN came in - just to give the suspension some balls

    So in Fact, the Interim Metropolitan Police Report was fabricated in Jersey and did not originate in Uk or from The Metropolitan Police! This is highly important!!

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for clarifying the question regarding: `the Met `Interim Report’! May I suggest that when you refer to it in future that you label it the ` Faked Metropolitan Police Interim Report’, just to make it crystalline to your readers that it was a faked by the SOJ and that no such report from the Met ever existed in reality?

  10. I think I just have clarified the problem with one of the reports! Enjoy the truth!!

  11. Ian,

    sometimes the best way to get the real message across is to use cartoons and humour.

    I read your blog to see what you come up with next.

    The truth is told in many ways and you are far from stupid and your message, although using a different approach certainly is unmistakable.

    No doubt like Rico et al, you have done your research , at the end of the day truth is the name of the game.

    Many politicians in Jersey's States need a wake up call or ship out, not so much a call from you, more a a missile into a very protected ivory tower.


  12. Thank you....

    "The truth is the truth, wherever it is spoken"

  13. Most States Members would view these childish posts as hardly funny or message bearing but as highly offensive.

  14. Of course they would, and do you know why?


    95% of our States members are a bunch of deluded, greedy, self-centered, corrupt, coward arsed, obnoxious, ignorant, arrogant, self-serving, odious, vile, child abuse sponsoring, lying, cheating, inane, inert, inept, fraudulent, conspiring, clandestine bunch of liars, cheats and thieves....

    THAT'S WHY!!!

    Good night fool

  15. Whatever Ian, whatever.

  16. THE TRUTH is a real kick in the nuts ain't it!!!

    If you don't like what I write, why don't you simply fade away and die?

    Go hound Rico, or Stuart, perhaps VFC?

    I know why you don't, and so do you, what me and "the squirrel" are up to is the only threat to you morons, if you cannot control us in court, then you cannot control us, FULL STOP :)

  17. We are simply "NOT AFRAID" of you, get over it, as an earlier poster said.

  18. Ian, nothing you or your friends write on blogs changes anything. This has been going on for ages and you are so desperate for attention you have resorted to a string of silly cartoons about a Senator who topped the elections in 2008. The REAL TRUTH is you fail time and time again to win anything with this desperate bullshit but are too afraid to admit it.

  19. ilm is a nice guy ian ,i been up in front of him and found him fair .he is ok i mean that

  20. "Anonymous said...

    Ian, nothing you or your friends write on blogs changes anything. "

    In some cases it changes public opinion. What could be more important than that in political circumstances?

  21. IANS COOL and tells the truth as he sees it (and I DOoooo TBH!), dont come in here and attack him , PHAKOFV with your pissy comments and leave them on the .gov website if you soo wish. BENDUS CORRUPTICUUS!

  22. Nothing achieved like

    Bill Ogley gone,

    Mike Pollard Gone,

    Freddie Cohen, Mr Portlet, Gone

    Peter Hanning, build on a field to protect it, Gone,

    Mr Warcup, Gone,

    His pal Mr Gradwell Gone ( never to return )

    Mr Napier refusing to return to Jersey.

    Then we have the Waterfront - Jersey Development did not Baroness ............? walk away from the top job after the blogs let the world know she was conflicted as an executive with Serco who run the Aqua splash.

    Any politician or civil servant who takes the internet and blogs for granted is a fool.


  23. "ilm is a nice guy ian ,i been up in front of him and found him fair .he is ok i mean that."

    You found him fair! and he found you guilty whilst committing fraud against you? Excellent....

    ILM is NOT A NICE GUY, he covers up for paedophiles, child beaters, he lies to the people who pay him, he deceives his fellow politicians, he ruins peoples careers, he commits fraud non stop....AND YOU THINK HE IS OK?

    Good Gravy!!!

  24. "One absurdity, begin, allowed, an infinity follow."

  25. I have heard from one who knows people very close to ILM that he knows and knew everything that has gone on and that he is extremely arrogant believing he is untouchable.

    Could it be that our own Mr Bean is in actual fact as good an actor as Rowan Atkinson?

    His bumbling and fumbling are an excellent foil making people wonder if the poor guy is in fact being used, when all the time he's at the helm?

    Beware of the act.

  26. ILM is NO actor, of that I can assure you. He knows exactly what he is doing, just like when he saved those four coppers from perjury charges. I believe he had a 15 minute recess to ring the law officers department to ask them what he should do?

  27. Err Hello----?

    Ian I was actually agreeing with what you have just said about him knowing what he is doing.

    He just acts the fumbling, bumbling bit which has made some people on the blogs wonder if he realises whats happening, or even knew any of whats happened.

    I tell you he knows and is behind it all.

  28. I showed my Dad this blog. He pissed himself. Twice. Once laughing the other due to old age.

    Political satire is the domain of the free press. That is why in Jersey where no such thing really exists, you get arsey local hacks posting negative comments in order to make themselves feel better.

    Why do they take these jobs? I mean would they not be better paid and less under scrutiny if they worked at say the margate chronicle?

  29. Can you change the blog comment settings to show date as well as time, please? It's harder than it needs to be, to re-visit one of your pages and find which comments are new since the last visit.

    Just explore the settings tabs on the dashboard, you'll find it.

    Thanks, keep it up