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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

"Petty Jersey & Its Planning Halfwits"

Owner of field taking Planning to court

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - Owner of field wants to take planning to court

The owner of a field in Jersey is taking Planning to court because he claims they have acted unfairly.

Dave Manning wanted to change the use of a corner of field 1007 in St John from agricultural to domestic use.

Until 2006 it was used as a storage facility for telegraph poles.

Mr Manning says legal advice from a previous hearing had led him to believe a change of use would be entirely achievable.

He says all he would want to do is concrete the land.

He explains: "I really don't want to do any more than I've been doing for the last five years, you know I just use it as an area if I just want to put anything there for a short while or if my son or daughter to come along, they might park here, but nothing basically, I have no business interest with it now."

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