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Friday, 13 January 2012

"OH BUGGER! The Lawyers Have Seen Us Coming"

"Gay marriage"

law Is Registered & Lawyers

Will Be Smiling :)

 The law which will allow "gay marriages" in Jersey has now been registered in the Royal Court and the States will now decide on which date the Civil Partnership Law will take effect.

The new law enables two people of the same sex to form a civil partnership in Jersey and allows the recognition of civil partnerships formed outside Jersey.

It also provides for the dissolution or annulment of civil partnerships; the separation of civil partners; property and financial arrangements of civil partners and issues relating to the children of civil partners.

While Jersey is now on the brink of making same-sex unions legal, in Guernsey there has been little progress toward the establishment of a similar law.


  1. What have lawyers got to do with it, i don't get your headline?

    Will it mean that a gay couple need a lawyer to get their civil partnership sorted? I thgought the whole point is that it will make life easier for them.

    Maybe you could explain, as I dont think i get it at all.

  2. Laws, even those pesky statutes, are going to require lawyers, especially with some of those "hissy-fit" break-ups that are going to be happening.

    Lawyers usually screw the average break-up couple for around £50K - £60K....If brainless couples could put the hatred aside for a short while, they would never have to employ these disgusting parasites, and would financially be much better off.

    The rest you can work out yourself :)

  3. Aaaah, maybe not.

    ALL licenses are there for two reasons, and two reasons only, for government to make money and to take more control over the sheeple.

    Why would ANY man or woman need a license to get hitched?

    Who are the government to tell us we need licenses to engage in lawful activities?

    Please watch THESE TWO short video's and wake up to the "GREAT DECEPTION" :)

  4. Thanks, got it. Just didnt see the possible outcomes as its such a new thing. Cheers.

  5. More money for the old boys newtork aka Masonic legal system and court houses