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Sunday, 29 January 2012

"Letters To Lenny" Part 6

"In The Know x 2"


Letters To Lenny 

Lenny Say's 
He seems to know a lot about bad cops!
Lenny Harper

"Losing The Plot"

Lenny Say's

Only in Jersey would a bent businessman dare write letters like these to a senior police officer.  Only in Jersey would he have the protection of politicians who had served in the Mafia, sorry, the Hon Police with him and of course, the Attorney General!
Lenny Harper


  1. What a nasty little man UGH !!!

  2. Just out of curiosity, is this hideous man still a very close friend of, and defended by, certain States members?

  3. I couldn't honestly answer that anon.

  4. Despicable creature this Boschat character.

  5. Admitting he is on a 'witch hunt' for Lenny is just bizarre. Why admit such a thing ? Maybe he thinks he is invincible ?
    I am starting to feel that this whole situation is going to turn out like the film, The Wicker Man. What the fuck is going on over here? It's just all very weird, and everything is connected to everything else.

  6. "The Wicker Man"

    That would just about sum this place up.

  7. Jersey's accredited Media once again prove themselves incompetent or corrupt (you choose) by failing to cover matter of public interest. Thankfully we have citizen's media!

    BBC and JEP 'Boycott' Scrutiny Meeting

  8. Florian de BilbliotecqueJanuary 30, 2012 12:24 am

    A vile slur on despicable creatures.

    And my lord what's with the capitals at the start of every word in the first letter? Is this guy a really thick moron or something?

    Actually that's also a vile slur on thick morons.

  9. Stand back people think about what this guy is doing.

    Lenny Harper was not that popular at police HQ from what I hear, because part of his job was to clean up the police people, that where not up to speed and far worse.

    As an example remember the young coppers who torched a car for to collect the insurance money? When one of them on trial was asked why he joined the police force he admitted it was because he wanted to drive a police car, that was his soul purpose and that’s all there was about him.

    I am not sure if this happened on Power or Harpers watch but for goodness sake it shows what goes on.
    Back to the letter writer, he is clearly on the attack, and with a certain arrogant confidence. He may be an incredibly bad letter writer but he can run a successful business so he is not completely stupid.

    This has happened since , remember Jon Haworth the alcoholic messed up troll who in his abusive telephone call which hit the internet, said the words, you do not know who you are up against, the police will do nothing, and showed the same arrogance.

    Makes me think they are possibly arrogant for a reason although both are dross low life’s but maybe have links to corrupt high up people in Jersey.


  10. Ian.

    Will ILM be in the States tomorrow to answer questions or will he be in the TOILET?

  11. 'He may be an incredibly bad letter writer but he can run a successful business so he is not completely stupid'.

    Ah, but would he have been quite as successful if he had not got away with his didgy dealings for so long?

    Nasty man.

  12. Hi Ian,

    I didn't complain, but I did hate the little comments box, this is much better, many thanks x

    P.S. I did prefer the shocking pink front, knew where I was even if I'd nodded off.