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Friday, 27 January 2012

"Letters To Lenny" Part 5



Letters To Lenny 

Lenny Say's

Ian, interesting this one as he seems to be confessing to that which he frequently denied!


 Lenny Harper


  1. He really is not too bright is he.
    He is correct that this is a small community, and that its inevitable that a certain amount of mutual back scratching does go on...that's life.

    Unfortunately he seems to have been overstepping the mark,and become a little too intimate by offering what amounts to full body massage.

  2. You make no sense at all anymore. There is you saying that the Jersey Police are corrupt yet you are here corresponding with a former Deputy Chief of Police who the Curtis Warren fraternity thinks together with Power were the most corrupt of the lot. This material may excite a few but not everybody and it never will. Fair play to Roy Boschat for writing an excellent letter to the paper and standing up against this clown. Perhaps its something you should be doing.

  3. This letter states that a drugs squad police officer's wife was a former drugs informant, if this is true then I am suprised thet Mr Harper has put this information into the public domain?

    Who is it?

  4. Looks like "Jon's Wet Mattress" has sneaked in at No 2 What an appropriate number for you Jonny Nonsense!!!

  5. Maybe Mr Warren's lawyer should be speaking to Boschat about this drugs squad officer? is it the same one that stitched Warren up?

  6. My name is not Jon's wet mattress' whatever thats supposed to mean. Roy Boschat lives in Jersey and Lenny Harper doesn't yet he has managed to have you pondering to his needs like a dog on a lead and lapping up all his former copshop propaganda.

  7. Re comment at number 2. You are an idiot, fcuk off back to the oligarchy mansions and halls and amuse your masters. You are nothing but a court jester. A performing seal.

  8. Its pandering to his needs not pondering you plank.

  9. Yes this is indeed Jersey, and you are displaying the typical Jersey mentality that makes you think you are above the law, and all your mates will cover your back.

    Why does it bug you and a few others that Lenny Harper was doing the job he was paid to do which included clearing up all the dirty and corrupt goings-on in the Police Force, or did that not suit your small minded agenda Mr Boschat?

  10. surely if the comment was from RB he could also comment anon' with the name of the Drugs officer?

    Just because you dont agree with the comments you assume they are from someone you know?

  11. 'Some 16 to 20 officers admitted to me that they were being paid, in kind or otherwise,' says Harper. Given that Jersey has only 240 paid police, this amounted to almost ten per cent of the force.

    This is Lenny Harpers statement in Dail Mail 2009,Boschat says that 200 poloice were involved,wrong again Boschat still unless your counting pound notes you get it wrong!!

  12. anon 9.06 , I would suggest that you read the first line of the letter again, its muppets like you that distort written facts to their own meaning and before you know it they are facts/rumours to suit their agenda.