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Thursday, 26 January 2012

"Letters To Lenny" Part 4

 "Harper Off His Head & Close Friends"


Letters To Lenny 

 Lenny Say's

Just another day in the mind of a warped individual!!
All these letters were of course in addition to driving down past my house frequently in the hope of seeing me and when he did, whether I was with my wife, daughters, or grand-children making the grand 'wanker' sign from his van or the fingers, or both!!!
Lenny Harper


  1. Anyone remember the movie, silence of the lambs? Boschat writes the same way as the bad guy,Buffalo Bill, speaks. From a psychological point of view there is a reason for this. Dissasociation from ones victim. Look it up, very interesting.

  2. Hill street bluesJanuary 27, 2012 1:43 am

    So far, the wording doesn't look like serious threats - just vague incoherent blustering.

    Is it going to get "better", Ian?

  3. Maybe not threats yet, but who knows what's to come. In any event if Boschat has anything resembling a brain, he would not openly threaten a police officer on paper would he?

    I would call this a form of harrassment though.

  4. Driving past Lennys house and abusing him in front of women and children is despicable. A real man would not act this way. Boschat is evidently the worst kind of coward. As recently exhibited in taxi incident. Also, let's not forget that Boschat called the police that night, they did not just appear. He, Boschat, is a complete c..t! I hear his own family have disowned him. Ah bless.

  5. clearly this letter is not addressed to DCO Harper which is why it reads the way it does?

    It is also dated almost 6 years ago! One suspects if any idle threats were to be carried out (of which there are none in this letter)they would of happened by now?

    If this letter was addressed to the Chief Officer then was does the retired DCO have it?

    Devils Advocate xx

  6. Can't agree with comment above as ALL the letters are written this way

  7. As I recall it, every letter was sent to Lenny, Graham Power, Wendy Kinnard, and about ten others. That's probably how come he has it!!!