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Sunday, 22 January 2012

"Letters To Lenny" Part 1



Having read all nine letters that I received from Leonard Harper (several times) it was still rather difficult to know exactly where to begin with this series of postings.

After much deliberation I have decided to follow them in order of date as it is almost impossible to cover these letters any other way. Why? You will understand why when they are all published.

These letters paint a rather odd, even bizarre portrait, of someone who would appear to drift in and out of reality, and at the drop of a hat. Someone who talks in first person mode, then switches to third person mode, probably without even realising it.

These letters are written with an air of supreme confidence, yet, between the lines show a rather different reality to that expressed within the text. They portray a vulnerability and fear that the author never intended to show, cunningly disguised by an adroit sense of

So, without further ado, lights, camera, action!

The above page, is page three of four of the only hand written letter which Leonard received. Leonard explained that the first two pages were simply the author conveying to all and sundry how perfect he was at his job. At the top of the page we have the author implying that police officers had backed down, yet the author stood his ground against Harper.

Backed down from what we might ask?
Could these officers be the 20 or so officers that leonard described as coming forward with valuable information? 

At the middle section the author gives us the inference that
The Jersey Way is at work here
(he just cannot understand Jersey is Jersey), and that Harper should realise this and back off, or perhaps crawl back under the rock from whence he came.

Next up is page four of four.

I have been informed by a knowledgeable local yokel (and good friend) that the "proper Jersey people" that the author refers to at the top of the page, are in fact, two local warring families from a rather long history of dislike for each other, and which at times there were dire consequences to the friction that existed.

Is the author implying that Leonard should have been subjected to such hatred and violence that Leonard would see the error of his ways, and indeed, stop his unwelcome intrusion into
The Jersey Way?

At the foot of the page the author has
"thrown down the gauntlet" 
to Leonard Harper.
Was this a challenge? Or a threat?

Black Magic, Satanic Worship is also a recurring theme expressed about Jersey's past.
Was the author referring to the occult? Or merely playing on words when introducing the phrase,

"Witch Hunt"

PART 2 on Monday


  1. I can't even see a story in this.

    1. "There's none so blind as those who will not see."

  2. This looks like the man is a blithering idiot. A rich one I give you that, but blithering idiot none the less.

    Depending on what sentence is being read, this looks like either pages from a diary where the writer is 'talking' to himself or a letter to someone. A tragic mind that may need some professional help.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  3. Just publish without your personal spin. People can make their own minds up. Comment only on what is appropriate, speculation is counterproductive & at times, risible. The evidence is solid. Jersey people do not need patronising. Please.

  4. For the avoidance of doubt please confirm these are extracts from the letters sent to you by Lenny Harper and received by him from Roy Boschat. Its just you dont say that in your posting above and anyone following the link from other blogs like I just did might not pick up on that point.

    They sound like the rantings of a mad man to me. We need protecting from people like this.


    1. It says, "Letters To Lenny" right at the top!

  5. Oh another thing Ian a person who frequently talks about themsleves in the third person is exhibiting one of the classic signs of psychopathic behavour. Just one of course there are a lot more.


    1. The "We" reference the first person depends upon those he protects in the "We" coming to his aid and defence should his letters get highlighted when the author seems to be saying “We” He hopes it’s a We but he is not powerful enough himself as he is just a gofer who knows if the shit hits the fan, he would be one of the fall guys.

  6. One suspects this is just a tip of the ice-berg when it comes to the intimidation Lenny Harper had to endure in Jersey because of investigating paedophilia. This Boschat Character has certainly got a screw missing.

  7. Have you got a photo of Boschat you can put up?

  8. these appear to be some random 'personal jottings' are they really penned by the writer of the very eloquent letter published in the JEP?

    What I don't understand is why Lenny still has the letters, surely they were SOJP evidence? and was this ever investigated? are the letters signed by Boschat and 100% from him not a 'competitor'?

    I'm just trying not to be to blinkered!

  9. If you click on the blue link on this page, that will take you to another posting with a picture.

  10. JRCbean. Boschat is not talking about himself in the third person, but he is talking about Lenny Harper, to whom he is writing, in a kind of third person sense.

  11. Could LH tell us how he came by these 'notes'?
    ie were they sent personally to him or seized in a raid or similar?

  12. Why have I got the letters? They were addressed to me. Evidence for an investigation? Two things. Can you imagine the AG even considering prosecuting Boschat? Look at the problems we had prosecuting him for corruption. Secondly. He could plead unfit to trial as his mind is obviously not right. Lenny Harper

  13. Looking back at his letter in the execrable JEP it doesn't appear to be much in Boschat's style. I know editors can change things a lot but I suspect we have another case of the B.Riantz here.

    Boschat probably agreed to put his name to something a JEP editor or staffer wrote. Common practice in spin world.

  14. It really does show you the classic Jersey Way. Down St Ouen for a good old kicking. Boschat didn't write that letter in the JEP you don't have to be Mick Gradwell to work that one out.

    The JEP probably wrote it for him



  15. Rico spot on in my opinion

    A public face in a propoganda article.

  16. AnonymousJan 22, 2012 03:11 AM
    For the avoidance of doubt please confirm these are extracts from the letters sent to you by Lenny Harper and received by him from Roy Boschat. Its just you dont say that in your posting above and anyone following the link from other blogs like I just did might not pick up on that point.

    My thoughts exactly.
    I had to read them twice before i figured out that they might have been written by Boschat.It was made difficult to accept that it was his writing having recently read his eloquent albeit incorrect letter to the JEP

  17. This is sick. What's going on in this mans head. Never book a ****** cab for your teenage children, all the drivers are rude and obnoxious. Let's begin a boycott ****** campaign. Keep up the good work Ian. Love LadyCabDriver.

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