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Monday, 30 January 2012

"Leah Ferguson Scoops An Award - Cover-up TV Scoops Poop!!!"

Channel Television scoops award

Channel Television's Leah Ferguson had a lot to celebrate over the weekend as she scooped the RTS Regional Reporter of the Year Award.

The Royal Television Society present a number of regional awards. Leah collected hers in Plymouth.

Her entry included reports from some of the biggest stories of 2011: the stabbing of six people including three children; and an exclusive report on debt collecting in Jersey which led to a major States' debate.

Managing Director of Channel Television, Karen Rankine said: " The standard of work shortlisted by the RTS is extremely high and we are delighted that Leah has beaten such strong competition for this prestigious award. Leah is a strong reporter who combines excellent story telling with an authoritative style so this recognition is very well deserved."

"Leah Ferguson Scoops An Award - 'NOT' Cover-up TV!!!"

Don't you just love Cover Up TV and the garbage they come out with, proclaiming here that they "Scoop An Award" when they only ever "Scoop Poop".

Credit to Leah Ferguson as she always looks presentable,
speaks clearly and concisely,
and doesn't make cockup's,
unlike Miss Dunsdon!

Well done Leah, as the murders where not an easy thing to report on
and must have taken a lot of self control.

I also enjoyed the above text where Karen Rankine mentions

"Story Telling"

After all, She would know best!!!


  1. stop having a dig at ctv, they are a cut-n-paste above the rest of the local media.

  2. It's only Regional awards for Devon/Cornwall/CI - not many stations to choose from!

    BBC South-West, BBC CI, CTV and an ITV region - not surprising at least one award came this way!

  3. Still, it has to be said that Miss Dunston is very nice to look at.!