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Thursday, 26 January 2012

"Jersey's Police Thugs Seriously Assault Kids - UPDATE 2"


When Getting Home Safely
Is Just Not Possible In Jersey!

The first two parts of this story are below for your perusal 


At the end of part two, I shared with you my thoughts regarding the three problems I feared would be used to scupper this investigation.
Take another look at them as they are listed below. 

Besides these assurances, there are still three fundamental problems in my view.

1/ The complaint will be overseen by the Police Complaints Authority Commission, who, when dealing with one of my complaints, were the most corrupt bunch of lying cheating scumbags I had ever encountered in Jersey. They were furnished with the most damning evidence and completely ignored it.

2/ The complaint cannot be actioned until the two boys have faced a parish hall enquiry. Why not? Could it be that the plan is to get the two boys to plead guilty at that enquiry and find against them therefore giving the rogue policemen the appearance of "just cause" for their actions!!!

3/ The author of the letter below (Barry Taylor) has ongoing complaints against himself for perverting the course of justice and dereliction of duty!!!


I believe that point number three has already happened as it appears that Barry Taylor, the Deputy Chief Officer is running this investigation.
Point two is in the process of being completed, and close to fruition as one of the boys has already been found guilty of trumped up charges. The other boy, only saved thus far by his mothers courage, and she, point blank refusing to let her son be found guilty of trumped up charges just to stop a bent bullying cop from getting fired!!!

I have received a couple of Emails from Maria Le Fustec, the brave lady who initiated the complaints against these rogue cops.
In them she explains what has been going on with the parish hall inquiries, and voices her concerns at the disgusting treatment that these two young victims of police brutality are receiving.


Hi Ian, tried calling you.

****** (the mother) has just called me as it was *****'s (the son) parish hall inquiry last night.. I forgot. 

****** (the mother), quite rightly kicked off at the Centennier.. The only statement that was read out at the inquiry was that of PC 240 Sykes, the assaulting officer!!  Why??  She (the mother) asked why? and the Centennier said "it is the only one I have", she said "well there was an independent witness..." Scaife asked, "whose?" So he hadn't even been given that simple information!! She told him to "call the police station to find out for himself!!"

He told her to go away and he would be in contact in two weeks, "DO NOT CONTACT ME, I WILL CONTACT YOU..." when he has the other officers, PC O'Niell, and bloody Roy ''stand by and do nothing'' Boschat's statements. What about my statement Ian?? Why did an officer come to my home to ask about the police behaviour if my statement means Jack sh*t?? 

******* ******* (the boy elbowed in the head by PC 240 Sykes) got a written warning for ''Obstruction''... which my statement clearly states "I DID NOT WITNESS OR BELIEVE HE WAS OBSTRUCTIVE IN ANY WAY!!" He was threatened with court next time. 

***** was being done for drunk and disorderly as he (apparently) swore at the taxi driver!! Wonder what the taxi driver was doing or saying to them!! As we already know, these kids were totally ignored and given no opportunity to explain, hence the frustration.. not disorderly conduct!!

So, the police coming to my home and asking me exactly what I saw that night regarding the children, (as that is what they are) means absolutely nothing as evidence in the eyes of the police!! The police have not even furnished the (court) parish hall with all relevant information!! 

Hidden agenda? 

Hear from you soon

Maria Le Fustec



The Duty Centenier for *****'s (the son) case was Scaife!!!!!!!!!!!

He was not interested in anything ****** (the mother) had to say.

She didn't realise that any statements were even going to be presented or she would have made sure she had copies of everything. As it was, they only had PC 240 Sykes statement. Scaife read the statement out. ****** (the mother) said "can i say something?" Scaife said ''go on''... she said "Why are you trying to charge my son with drunk and disorderly? He was assaulted by the officer whose statement you are reading from!!" He said, "you weren't there." She said, "neither were you!!"  Yay, go ******!!

She said, "well, if your reading that statement, there is an independent witness to that nights events." He said, "Who? Can you get me a copy of the statement?" ****** (the mother) said, "you can go get that yourself." Scaife told her she was being aggressive. She said, "I am not being aggressive, I am stressed. You are trying to charge my son with something he did not do." Scaife really did not seem to care about any witnesses, or any other statements, but ****** (the mother) would not let it go! 

She had the bloodied clothes with her that ***** (the son) was wearing that night, Scaife said, "put them away, I do not need to see that, that is a different matter entirely!" She said, "so the fact that a 16yr old was assaulted by a police officer is nothing to do with you? You don't care?" All Scaife kept saying was ''he was swearing at a taxi driver'' (boo fu*king hoo). ****** (the mother) said, "if he did it was out of frustration. These kids were ignored." ***** (the son) told Scaife that the police called them "dickheads" all the time. 

****** (the mother) is angry. Scaife told her ''DO NOT GO ANYWHERE.. DO NOT CONTACT US.. WE WILL CONTACT YOU IN 2 WEEKS!!" ****** (the mother) said, "where am i going to go??" But Scaife only adjourned it as ****** (the mother) would not allow Scaife to bully her into sentencing her son to any type of punishment. 

She asked me why I thought he said "do not contact us??" I have no idea, but I bet you do Ian.


Speak soon 

Maria Le Fustec

As you will note from the Emails, everything is being done to get these kids convicted.

All of the usual shit-tricks are being pulled, and in a concerted effort to show
"Just Cause" for these cops actions.

Take note also, that these child abusing cops are being protected by a known
protector of child abusers....Daniel Scaife.

Don't believe me?....Go ask Mr & Mrs Bonner!!!
I will leave you to ponder what I predicted, and how much of it thus far has come true.

Remember one thing before you go to bed tonight 

Maria told me today that these kids were begging the mother mentioned above, to stop Maria pursuing her complaints against the police!!!

They are petrified of the consequences of these cops facing justice!!!



  1. don't call us we'll call you,
    the classic knock-back at auditions.
    only this is not an audition, the centeniers actions in this matter could have a profound effect on a young mans life.

    this young mans brave mother would do well to acquire the independent witness statement and send it (recorded) to Scaife asap.


  2. You make out that the child is getting extra special attention, however Ian this is simply how the police in Jersey operate. Hit and hope and if they won't plead guilty we'll get the advocates to persuade them to change their mind.

    Still each case like this is another person whose eyes are opened...

  3. Just what are the consequences of these kids making a complaint?

    What possible reprocussions could there be? we live in Jersey not Colombia!!!

    Hopefully the 'independent' witness is the key to this situation because children have been known to be less than honest when explaining their actions to parents.

    Hopefully the truth will prevail and if the cop was over the top a full investigation will prove this....but don't hold your breath.

    Was Lenny in charge of the complaints department, he would be able to re-assure the mum/children that there will be no reprocussions if they are honest.

  4. Anon above said

    "What possible reprocussions could there be? we live in Jersey not Colombia!!!"

    If you cannot fathom it after all I have posted on this blog, and on my other blog, please take 20 minutes to read THIS!!!

  5. Why doesn't Maria take a case against the police if she feels so strongly about it.

  6. Oh Dear!

    What exactly do you think this post is about???

    Good Lord!!!

  7. She made a statement to the police and updated you after speaking to the mother concerned but that's all. Why doesn't she a personal case out against the police. After all she did mention that she was a mother to two teenage boys herself.

  8. Really?? Have u read anything? The first posting? The second?? I have a complaint with the police!! I wish people would read things properly or don't bother commenting on things u can't be arsed to study!! How Ian keeps calm with u people who hide behind the anonymous tag is beyond me...

  9. Thanks Maria, I really needed that x :)

  10. Welcome Ian.. Lordy.... Read 1 of 4 postings & that's it for them... Frustrating is an undstatement!! U keep humour here wen I just want to scream... Well done :)) x

  11. & omg... Just re read the very end of this update... Maria told me the boys wee asking her to drop HER COMPLAINT AGAINST THE POLICE........ Out of fear.... Not even bothered to read THIS posting properly... Wow!!

  12. And some people wonder why I swear on my blog? Jesus Christ, I should have topped myself by now, just on the stress alone!!!

    ALL the other bloggers only post once, (maybe) twice a week at the very most, I post 4, 5, 6, times a day....EVERY DAY!!!

    Do I get any thanks for it? NO!!!
    Do I get paid for it? NO!!!
    Do I wish to waste 5-8 hrs a day of my life doing posts, then have thick halfwits denegrate my efforts? NO!!!

    Then I get crap like, It's not nice to swear!....Your an angry man!....Why don't you refrain from expletives?....I have to take a break once in a while because of the language!

    Well, I don't give a shit how most of you feel, I couldn't care fucking less to be honest. The only two reasons I put up with this shit is because of the injustices done to me, and because I met Carrie Modral.

    Apart from my own resolve, I would never have continued but for meeting Carrie, and our little trip to London. She is worth it, and what she stands for is worth it, and thats why I tollerate this shit, day after day, night after night.

    If anyone is offended by my blog, or its contents, then FUCK OFF, just fuck right off, it is literally as simple as that.

    Go away, and do not bother me again, that would make me so happy. Below is what I listen to at times like these, who knows, it may even work for you :)



  13. Oh, and Jon, if you annoy me again, I will simply take a fucking stick to you....Nighty nite :)

    Enjoy the music that must be playing in your tiny mind....

  14. There was a story in the rag the other day about a cabbie who was attacked near the royal square last December.The cabbie defended himself and fought off his attacker, who was an adult male. The cabbie is now up in the courts for assault and dangerous driving, and he was the victim. jersey justice?
    Whatever the outcome is, it would seem that this cabbie does not enjoy the same special relationship as Twat Boschat does, with the SoJP.