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Monday, 9 January 2012

"Jersey's Greedy Unlawful Vermin"

"Parking Tickets - A Criminal Enterprise"


  1. "I will now have to pay the fine, which I do under duress, as I have been threatened with a summons."

    And this what they call a VOLUNTARY PAYMENT!!!

    Cough up or we drag you to court....ANIMALS

    So much for the honourable Slyman Crowcroft?

  2. Problem is all the votings fixed as you all know by now, your not going to get anyone in either of our States, unless they ae a feemason or a wife of a mason or in Finance. The ones that do get in for the right reasons are tuirned with Directoships. I say Treasin to them all and hang them as our law still proclaims.

  3. voluntary payment - at the barrel of a gun