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Thursday, 19 January 2012

"Jersey Crime at an All Time High - Cops Won't Arrest Establishment Criminals"

Crime in Jersey at 10 year low

Jersey Police say crime is at a ten year low.

Figures out today show 500 fewer crimes were committed in 2011 than in 2010 - a 12% drop.

Police Chief, Mike Bowron, says he wants to build on this success and has outlined his plans for this year in the 2012 States of Jersey Policing Plan.

They include Operation Visible - aimed at combating violence in St Helier's streets, pubs and clubs and Operation Hornet, which will tackle burglars.

Their four main commitments will be:

Visible, responsive community policing

Protecting the community from harm

Bring offenders to justice

Provide value for money

Jersey Police say that Operation Visible has seen a fall of nearly 30% in incidents of violence in St Helier’s streets, pubs and clubs.

They say the success of the Town Policing Unit has contributed to a notable fall in shoplifting, public nuisance and cycling through pedestrianised areas, and has been warmly welcomed by the town traders and businesses.

Chief of Police Mike Bowron said: "The lowest overall crime figure for a decade is something to be extremely proud of and I hope the people of Jersey, and those who visit, will be reassured at our commitment to protecting and serving our communities." 


  1. They should charge all the corrupt politicians and pedos that are running free over here.

  2. I'm sure the day will come, and in the not to distant future....

  3. Any figures provided by any Gov. Dept. are "bollocks", severely massaged, manufactured, and bastardized.
    Many people do not bother to report crimes anymore, what is the point?
    Last week, a young thug violently attacked 5 people, including women, and he got probation, what a f*****g joke.

  4. Both forces Guernsey and Jersey are Companies, designed to make money, basically they are privatized and listed as such, Policemen do not exist, they are officers, so strike "value for money" from that list.