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Monday, 23 January 2012

"Jersey Child Care"

Hard times for children in care

The girl pictured is not Isabelle, the subject of this report
The girl pictured is not Isabelle, the subject of this report

SOME of Jersey’s most vulnerable children – including a girl in a wheelchair – face being stuck in care homes because recession-hit families can no longer afford to foster them, it has been revealed.

The States Fostering and Adoption Team says that unless more people come forward to care for children, the Island would not be able to cope with an influx of children into the care system.

Although the number of approved foster families has not dropped, the team says it has seen a big shift in the type of people willing to care for children who have been removed from their parents.

They are blaming the change on Jersey’s high cost of living and tough economic times and say it is making it difficult to find homes for some children with specific needs.

The shortage of foster families has been highlighted by the case of an 11-year-old girl who is still waiting for a home after 18 months. Despite a public appeal six months ago, ‘bubbly’ Isabelle, who is in a wheelchair (she is not the girl pictured above) is no nearer to moving out of residential care and into a family home.


  1. This is an outrage and these are the sort of vunerable people that 'money should be no object to happiness.

    What is equally outrageous is the lack of comment/interest in this story compared to some 5 year old letters, speaks volumes for the caring readers of this blog ;(

  2. Anon, a lot of readers don't know that I put up 4, 5, 6 stories a day, many think its just the one on the main page.

    But yes, it is rather disappointing.