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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"Jersey Child Care - Failure After Failure"


Serious criticisms of child care in Jersey


Believe it or not, this pic is from an old posting....Nothing Changes....Yet!!!

An independent report has made serious critisms of the care of children in Jersey.

In the report's evaluation of 'looked after children', services in Jersey were evaluated as mostly 'weak' or showing important weaknesses in five out of ten areas.

The performance indicators were judged on a six-point scale, with weak being second only to 'unsatisfactory' at the bottom of the table.

Three other indicators were rated as 'adequate', with only two making the 'good' rating - which is still two grades away from top marks.

Whilst the report's authors made reference to an 'experienced, committed and skilled staff group', they also found that the majority 'were not confident that they were valued by their managers or politicians'.

The report describes an overall 'lack of vision' for the service, with little direction for staff and foster carers who did not feel involved, consulted or listened to.

Although some children themselves had very positive experiences of living in care, particularly foster care, children and young people living in residential units felt disenfranchised with little power to bring about change.

This latest report was commissioned by the States in order to fulfil one of the recommendations of the Williamson Report, which resulted from the inquiry into child protection services in the island in 2007.

The Care Inspectorate undertook their research between January and May 2011 and have made a total of 14 recommendations to improve the service.

They include:

- formulating a clear strategy for the service,
- finding a way in which to monitor the outcomes for children in care,
- implementing methods in which the children themselves can express their feelings about the service,
- improve staff communication,
- improve complaints procedures,
- tighten training requirements, and
- improve understanding of the service amongst States members.

It is the first independent inspection of the island's child care services. The idea is to use the results as a baseline, against which to measure progress in the future.

Jacquie Roberts, Interim Chief Executive of the Care Inspectorate, said: "We identified areas for improvement, for example the need to gather the views of looked after children and young people and the need to develop a more systematic and comprehensive approach to service planning. That said, we also found areas of strength and evidence of good outcomes for some groups of children and young people.

"Perhaps most importantly we have concluded that whilst improvements are needed, there is a real capacity to improve and a very clear commitment to do so. We believe that the work already underway means Jersey is in a good position to be able to quickly develop fully modernised services for all its Looked After Children."

The Evaluation Scale:

Level 6: Excellent: Excellent or Outstanding
Level 5: Very Good: Major Strengths
Level 4: Good: Important strengths with some areas for improvement
Level 3: Adequate: Strengths just outweigh weaknesses
Level 2: Weak: Important weaknesses
Level 1: Unsatisfactory: Major weaknesses

The Evaluation result was as follows:

1. Key outcomes: Adequate
2. Impact on people who use our services: Weak
3. Impact on employees and foster carers: Weak
4. Impact on the community: Good
5. Delivery of key processes: Adequate
6. Policy and service development, planning and performance management: Weak
7. Management and support of employees and foster carers: Weak
8. Resources and capacity building: Weak
9. Leadership and direction: Adequate
10. Capacity for improvement: Good



Now ya gonna vomit!!!


  1. Can Stuart Syvret have his job back now, please ?
    After all, he was pointing this out years ago. Well done Stuart !

  2. Syvret right again.

  3. Has Stuart Syvret been wrong yet?

  4. Ian.

    While this current administration and State Media are in control can our children ever be safe? It doesn't look GOOD

  5. Scotland learn from Jersey....Robert Green FOUND GUILTY using the same methods as the Syvret trial!!!

  6. i want blood with roy boshit ,come on ian tell us moor please .

  7. Let us not forget THIS LITTLE VIDEO and "TWO" child abuse investigations trashed!!!

  8. Anon at 9:08PM

    Repay injury with justice and forgiveness....Always with forgiveness....

  9. Forgiveness is great Ian. However, not everyone is deserving of it.

  10. is that one of the young girls roy boshit was on about ?

  11. Then visit them with justice!

    And strive for the forgiveness.

    Hatred corrodes the vessel in which it is stored....

  12. Jesus 'H' tap dancing Christ, looking back on tonight's blogging in Jersey, only one thing can be said...."Good fortune favours the brave".

    "KICK ASS" you guys :)

  13. Like the video Ian cheers sounds good enough to eat. Stay safe and strong.:)

  14. Some idiot on the radio this morning said there were too many recommendations, made by many reports in recent years, to keep up with them all.

    For a brief moment I fell for that kind of 'excuses excuses' thinking, then I woke up fully and realised that if there were THAT many recommendations being made, the whole thing must be a complete and utter shambles!

    By the time you make excuses about having too much to do, you must be pathetically far behind in the first place!!

  15. Anon at 9.08 & 10.14, you seem a little obsessed with this Roy character, have you got any constructive comments to make on the posted topic?

    Or are you another 'rusting vessel' full of hatred? How simple it must be to make suggestive comments regarding abuse and remain anon. Child abuse is despicable and to make veiled suggestions with no evidence is an awful thing to do.

  16. Re above comment. I am confused, just What " veiled suggestions" are you refrering to?
    Interesting comment anon. Got something you would like to say ?

  17. Ian.

    Open letter from Former DCO Lenny Harper to Home Affairs Minister Senator Le Marquand.