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Sunday, 8 January 2012

"JEP Reduced To Reporting On Grubby Road Signs!!!"

…but who’d say the same about this eyesore?

Online it says "Read the full story in the JEP"


…but who’d say the same about this eyesore?

A ROADSIDE plaque bearing the Queen’s name and its scruffy surroundings are likely to have a facelift this jubilee year after being highlighted by the Jersey Evening Post.

The Airport Road, which is named Avenue de la Reine Queen Elizabeth II, is marked at the turning off the Beaumont roundabout towards the Airport by an engraved granite stone set within dirty, stained brickwork.

Approached by the JEP about the sad state of this area in the year that the Queen is marking her diamond jubilee, the Constable of St Peter, John Refault, said that he would certainly look into what could be done about it.

‘We can’t have such a landmark remaining shabby and I will be looking at ways of ensuring that it is improved to the appropriate standard,’ he said.


"Jersey Has Lost The Plot" and the JEP are reduced to reporting on blunt pencil's?

A pointless exercise

By Andy Sibcy
Tthe (I wish I could spell "Tthe"?) pencils with ground-off points that were being given away on the stand.
VISITORS to the honorary police stand at the JEP Homelife Show over the weekend might have missed the point.

Fearful of falling foul of health and safety monitors, the honorary officers had cut off the ends of the free pencils they were giving away to make them safe. (and useless)

Steve Pallett, a St Brelade Centenier and the president of the Honorary Police Association who was manning the stall, said: ‘It was pointed out as a bit of a health and safety issue that it was better to give children pencils without sharp ends that they could not poke each others’ eyes out with. (and, could not write or draw with)

‘It was brought up at an association meeting that there was a guideline from the UK.’

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