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Friday, 13 January 2012

"Hypocrisy The Bailhache Way"

Legal breach no barrier to electoral reform panel

Deputy Geoff Southern
Deputy Geoff Southern

A STATES Member fined thousands of pounds for breaking the elections law should not be sitting on a panel given the job of reviewing it, according to Assistant Chief Minister Sir Philip Bailhache.

Exclusive laughing stock

Speaking out at a Privileges and Procedures Committee meeting, the Senator questioned the inclusion of Deputy Geoff Southern on a public elections sub-committee of Privileges.

Senator Bailhache said that it was not right to involve someone in looking at the election process who had a conviction for breaching election law. In 2009 Deputy Southern was fined £10,000 after he admitted helping Islanders to apply for postal voting forms during the 2008 election.

Senator Bailhache said: ‘If you created a criminal law commission to look at burglary, you wouldn’t invite a convicted burglar to join the commission.

‘This is not an attack on Deputy Southern or his integrity. It’s about the perception of involving someone with a conviction for breaking election law. I think it’s completely inappropriate.’


  1. Southern illegally helps some people with voting

    Bailhache brags of 'making it up' under oath at the high court

    and has the chutzpah to use the word integrity


  2. Good Gravy anon, I forgot about that one.

    Many thanks for the reminder....