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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

"Gradwell Swept Up The Mess? - Gradwell Made The Mess!"

Policeman who blew the whistle

HOME Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand has criticised Mick Gradwell, the detective who swept up the mess left in the wake of the historical child abuse inquiry, for leaking information to the press. Senator Le Marquand was right to do so, but it is only fair to ask why the detective felt compelled to spill the beans to the national media, notably the Daily Mail.

Mr Gradwell was brought in after the retirement of the deputy chief officer of the States police, Lenny Harper, to try to make sense of an inquiry which had dragged Jersey’s good name through the mud but had resulted in few prosecutions and no evidence whatsoever of the high-level conspiracies and cover-ups that some still continue to insist must have been at the heart of the matter. What his inquiries revealed clearly conflicted with the standards that he believed should characterise a properly conducted investigation into alleged crimes of the most serious nature.

Wrongly, he reached the conclusion that the botched business should receive the oxygen of publicity at the earliest possible moment. That he should have waited until the official report into the whole matter could be published is beyond question.

However, if Mr Gradwell’s timing was at fault as far as the dissemination of information was concerned, the findings of his inquiry remain as sound as they ever were. Criticism of his unprofessional handling of the information he gathered does not undermine the conclusions he was forced to draw from what he discovered relating to the chaotic search at Haut de la Garenne and to the resources that had been poured into the case. He quite correctly identified the frantic pursuit of forensic evidence that was never there and the profligate expenditure of public funds that ensued in that fruitless effort.
Gradwell & the tooth fairy tats

We might call Mr Gradwell a whistle-blower, though, it must be said, one who could have envisaged the legitimate means of publishing information which the public deserved to hear without resorting to whistle-blowing. If he deserves that label, it is ironic that those who are keenest to attack his approach and his findings are very eager to uphold the general principle of whistle-blowing – provided that it suits their agenda and their entrenched interpretation of the whole Haut de la Garenne debacle.


  1. is that a legit news comment?

  2. So it certainly is legit as i managed to find it on their JEP Comment part on the net. I just cant believe they would go so low as to literaly justify all the disgust so many people feel towards their stance on the historic abuse enquiry.

    I almost wish I still bought it so I could stop buying it again after reading that. And as for that tosser who doesnt stop posting under Rico, I fear that dick will never get a life. And lets be honest the filthy rag know full well they are trolling comments yet being the filth they are still let them through.

    Even after ILM admitting to the falsehoods spread about the investigation by the papers they still have absolutely no shame. It really is disgusting.

    My only hope is they go under, or maybe not that as I am sure there are plenty of decent people there but at least the editor gets his come uppance and one day is exposed as the cover up merchant he is. Actually, it would be rather apt if one of his staff blew the whistle on him, now that would be great news.

  3. I am now taking note of advertisers in the Jersey evening post and have chosen to boycott their products or services.

  4. Now that is a train of thought worth following :)

  5. yeah, likewise; I am buying all I can from the internet to avoid lining the pockets of local wealthy scum

    It's only by making the local economy go down the pan that we can change society. It will be painful for all of us, but worth it in the end