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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

"Golden Handshakes - This Could Be Fun!"

Details to be revealed of golden handshake


Former States JDC managing director Steven Izatt

WHILE civil servants fight attempts to reveal golden handshake payments to departing staff, one pay-out will be revealed next month.

The States of Jersey Development Company will reveal the payment to departed managing director Steven Izatt in its end-of-year accounts.

Mr Izatt left his post in November after four years. He was on a salary package of £266,540 a year and had been the unanimous choice of the interviewing panel to head the private company, which is wholly owned by the States.

The JEP has been asking the Chief Minister’s department for more information on pay-outs to departing staff after it was alleged that former chief executive Bill Ogley was given £500,000 for leaving his post. There have been other allegations of huge pay-outs to departing staff.


  1. There could be a bright side to this, get rid of the useless them off so they dont have to ride out their full contracts and then start afresh.

    I am only taking a guess here but it is possible that we have to get rid of these time and money wasters before we can bring in proper decent hard working people. I think these time waster money grabbers were all brought in under the Walker, my friends are the states friend era. If I am right then I would rather pay them off and get rid ASAP rather than spend years negotiating their pay off.

    Short and sweet of it is......Fuck off and dont come back. Just my opinion

  2. Would it not be better to just fire them and save the public's money?

  3. golden handshakes my arse
    call it what it is
    hush money

  4. Ah yes Ian, I missed part of my point when I said get rid of the wasters, it is likely we have no choice but to pay them off due to contractual obligations agreed to by idiots and that in the long term it may be a money saver. That is unlikey but it was just a possible scenario.