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Monday, 23 January 2012

"The Fruitcake & The Filthy Rag Strike Again"

£900,000 bills for UK police to investigate Jersey officers

Fruitcake Ian Le Marquand

NEARLY £900,000 has been spent since 2008 on bringing UK police officers to Jersey to investigate alleged police misconduct, the Home Affairs Minister has revealed.
Responding to a written question in the States, Senator Ian Le Marquand said that six inquiries in the past four years had cost a total of £894,394.

A large chunk of the money was spent on investigating former Police Chief Graham Power’s handling of the historical child abuse inquiry.

It cost £572,532 to engage the Wiltshire Constabulary in 2008, who found that Mr Power had failed to effectively manage the inquiry.


Former Chief of Police Graham Power QPM

Graham Power was appointed Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police on November 1st 2000  he was suspended  on November 12th 2008 He was the Chief of Police during Operation Rectangle up until  his suspension. He left the force in July 2010 having retired 

Here are the links to blog posting regarding Graham Power:

DCO Lenny Harper

Lenny Harper joined the States of Jersey Police in May 2002 he was the Senior Investigating Officer of Operation Rectangle (The Jersey Historic Child Abuse Investigation). Lenny Harper retired from the States of Jersey Police force at the end of July 2008 whilst the Child Abuse Investigation was still on going.

Here are links to Blog Postings Regarding Lenny Harper;

Deputy Chief Officer David Warcup

DCO David Warcup joined the States of Jersey Police on the 4th August 2008. He was made Acting Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police following the suspension of Graham Power in November 2008. David Warcup came to Jersey following his retirement from Northumbria Police.  David Warcup took up the running of Operation Rectangle. David Warcup resigned from the States of Jersey Police and left on the 31st December 2010.

David Warcup did give evidence to the Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub Panel concerning the BDO Review into the financial side of Operation Rectangle 

I will not going into all the issues concerning David Warcup - there are many.

Here are links to Blog Postings concerning David Warcup:

D/Superintendent Mick Gradwell

D/Supt Mick Gradwell joined the States of Jersey Police in September 2008.  He was appointed on a years seconded from Lancashire Police until he retired in September 2009.

D/Supt Mick Gradwell took over as Senior Investigating Officer of Operation Rectangle in September 2008 up until the day he left in September 2009

Again I wont go over the serious issues concerning Mick Gradwell here - there are t many.  He will be featuring heavily in the forthcoming blog  posts.

This SIO was leaking information to an infamous journalist David Rose 

This SIO was asked to give evidence to the Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub Panel. This SIO declined to do so. This SIO was discrediting the hard work of the Rectangle Team from the day he landed. This SIO said Operation Rectangle was a financial mess - when he was challenged to put up he ran away and hasn't been seen since.  He was the only person who declined giving a Submission or evidence.  

When I busted him leaking information he was challenged by a reporter from the Lancashire Press - this is what he said

This was on the 21st June just when the Home Affairs Review was kicking off. Look at what Gradwell says. 

You don't need to Einstein to work out why he is still running like Forest Gump . 

You see, this man was a busted flush when the call came. 

"But today, Mr Gradwell hit back."
He said: “There’s no mystery about what I’ve said.
"I thought it was a shambles with no financial management.
“I don’t regard that as a leak, though having worked there I’m not surprised at this.
“I’m on record as quoting information from the report.
"I released it when asked the questions on TV, online and in the papers.
“I didn’t leak a report. After I left I said my version of what happened including a mass overspend, a poorly-managed fiasco where the lead detective made unnecessary trips and took his notes with him.”

I will leave it there. 

All will be explained in the up-coming posts 

Did they really use the Interim Metropolitan Police Report when Graham Power was suspended?

Rico Sorda

Team Voice


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