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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

"Derisory Minimum Wage Goes Up Two Medium Slices Of Bread An Hour!!!"

Minimum wage goes up


Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley

THE minimum wage will go up to £6.48 per hour from 1 April.

Following a decision in the States yesterday Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley will now order the 16p-an-hour rise as recommended by the Jersey Employment Forum. The trainee rate will also go up from £4.74 to £4.86 an hour.

An earlier move by Deputy Geoff Southern to add an extra 4p to the minimum wage figure was rejected by 43 votes to eight.

He had proposed the increase to keep the minimum wage at just over 40 per cent of mean weekly earnings as it had been in recent years.

The rich are still able to pay the monkeys peanuts hey?

"Surprise - Surprise!!!"


  1. so now le gresley tows the party line ?

  2. I certainly hope not Martin, I would prefer to think Francis is just making the best he can out of a bad job, he's a decent guy.