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Friday, 13 January 2012

"Chris Le Rossignol - R.I.P"

Man dies in motorbike crash

  A 20-year-old Jerseyman has died in a motorbike accident and a 20-year-old woman - believed to have been riding on the back of the bike - is being treated in hospital for minor injuries.

Friends have left flowers to Chris Le Rossignol at the scene of the accident at St Catherine's and police are still investigating what happened.

The accident, involving a blue Honda bike, happened at around 11.30pm last night.

It is not believed at this time that any other vehicles were involved.

Officers, specialist collision investigators and members of the Crime Scene Investigation team spent the night carrying out a survey and forensic investigation of the scene.

The road was closed for police examinations, with help from the Honorary Police, but has now been re-opened.

Jersey Police are appealing for witnesses. Anyone else who has information which might help police are asked to call them on 612612.


  1. Our thoughts are with family and friends on this sad day xxx

  2. God bless you Chris i miss you, everybody misses you so much xxxx

  3. this is hes brother thanks for the support and we ar recovering very well but it still is a bit painful knowing that there a loved familiy member missing

  4. No probs mate, and best wishes to all your family