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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

"Can We Believe Anything We Are Told?"

No public patients have faulty implants

Dr Susan Turnbull, Jersey’s Medical Officer of Health
Dr Susan Turnbull, Jersey’s Medical Officer of Health

JERSEY women who have received the controversial PIP breast implants at the centre of a worldwide health scare are being reassured that there is no cause for concern.

Thousands of women from 65 countries have received the implants which were banned in 2010 when they were found to contain industrial strength silicone.

But following a review, the UK Department of Health has concluded that there is no evidence to say the products pose a health risk or that they should be routinely removed.

In a statement, Dr Susan Turnbull, Jersey’s Medical Officer of Health, said: ‘Women who have had PIP implants, or believe they may have had them, will naturally have been worried that they could be at risk – especially in these last few weeks when some of the information emerging through the national media has been conflicting.

‘I am aware that some women here in Jersey have been asking their GPs for advice, or their surgeons, because they are worried. I am very pleased that the outcome of the expert review is so reassuring.
‘If despite the reassurance of the expert review there are any women who are still concerned, they should discuss these concerns with their doctor.’

1 comment:

  1. what cereal box did this muppet get her qualifications from

    experts say there is no health risk, so why were they banned?

    would these be the same experts who urged jersey to buy 100,000 + swine flu shots for a strain of flu far less dangerous than seasonal flu

    the silicone in the PIP implants is industrial grade (not strength) not medical grade, a big difference

    how much do we pay this tosser?