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Thursday, 19 January 2012

"Betrayal Is The Jersey Motto"

‘Betrayal’ claim over election reform U-turn
Former Deputy Daniel Wimberley

ALLOWING States Members to sit on the new Electoral Commission would be a ‘disgraceful betrayal’, according to the former politician behind the original plans.

Former Deputy Daniel Wimberley has appealed to the States to stick with the original vision of an independent commission without States Members and has urged them not to appoint Senator Philip Bailhache as chairman.

In March, the States will debate detailed plans for a commission to settle the old question about who should sit in the States Chamber.

Last year they agreed Mr Wimberley’s plan to take the matter out of the hands of States Members, and put it in independent hands, hoping to avoid all of the wrangling and bickering that has scuppered previous reform efforts.
But the committee responsible for States reform – Privileges and Procedures – has changed the original plans to allow politicians to sit on the commission.

And Mr Wimberley says that means the proposal has effectively been ‘trashed’.


1 comment:

  1. would someone please clarify a few points re. ppc.

    How many people on that committee and how many were present at the meeting where they voted to change the makeup of the committee.