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Saturday, 31 December 2011

"Jersey To Be Renamed - Test Area 51"

Battle looming over reform body?

CHIEF Minister Ian Gorst could face a battle to get poll-topping Senator Sir Philip Bailhache appointed as head of the planned electoral commission into States reform.

The States reform committee is due to meet next Tuesday, with plans for the new commission on the agenda.
And they have to decide whether to change the rules so that Senator Bailhache can chair the commission.

The March proposition calling for an electoral commission specified that it should be ‘independent’, but Senator Gorst wants Senator Bailhache to chair it.

The electoral commission will be given the job of coming up with plans to make sense of the question of States reform – a task that has eluded politicians for more than a decade.

Friday, 30 December 2011

"How 'DARE' The Jersey Police Ask For Tasers!!!"

Police want Tasers

JERSEY police officers having to deal with a worrying number of agitated suspects armed with knives should be equipped with Tasers, according to the police chief.

Almost a year since taking over the States of Jersey Police, Mike Bowron says that his officers attend around 20 incidents per year involving people armed with knives, and that electric stun guns would provide another tactical option.

Mr Bowron – who led the City of London Police for nine years – said he was confident that a UK trade embargo, which prevents the UK exporting the weapons, would be lifted for Jersey.
He said: ‘I am pretty confident that we will get there. It is long overdue.

‘We have had quite a few incidents, something in the 20s, of confrontations with emotionally and distressed people reportedly in possession of knives. I have got a duty of care to my officers who turn up at these incidents.’



The biggest worry by far for a States of Jersey Policeman on duty, is the fact that it might rain whilst they are on the beat! What the hell would they need tasers for? Murdering people?

The Great British Police Authorities don't even recognise the Jersey Police Force as a Police Force!!!
They are regarded as a mindless non-entity not worthy of consideration in the valid rules of British Policing!!!

All you need do is look back at the posting we did a couple of weeks ago wherein PC 240 Sykes battered a couple of young lads (see link below) for absolutely no reason! How many taser deaths in this clowns hands? Youtube is littered with stories of taser deaths, just how long before Jersey is???

How many other cases like this in Jersey? I will tell you now, HUNDREDS!!!
In one of my cases I was having a pee behind a van at 3.00am because all the public toilets were locked, see below what they did to me. 15 pictures....(see link below)

And below from another case when I was walking home drunk after finding out that day that my best mate had died, and my best female friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer!

Here are some of the pictures of the injuries inflicted upon me, and for no apparent reason other than these bullies could do so under the protection of their pissy little uniform & badge.

This case was the cause of my letters of complaint to Chief Officer Mike Bowron and of my blog posting from yesterday. These utter cowards are the following excuse for police officers.

Police officer - A Du Feu
Police Officer – S A Le Bas
Police Officer – R McIntosh
Police Officer – L Lang
We have clearly seen how Mike Bowron responds to police brutality against common law men, he responds with the favoured weapon of silence!
But that means nothing as court cases will commence this year, whether the Oligarchy likes it or not. In fact, his silence and inaction only serves my purpose in the long run, I should actually be thanking Mr Bowron for his silence and inaction.

I shall be making new complaints in the future months and involving the mainland authorities who woefully neglect our desperate need for impartiality and justice.

If Jersey's authorities think they are going to quell this little rebellion, they are sadly mistaken indeed.