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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"When Propaganda Is Not So Proper"

Some time ago there was a rumour circulating that a member of the Walker family may have been involved in a traffic accident in Jersey. We were later informed of this via other means, and put up a story that this allegation was circulating.

Having communicated with members of the Walker family via email, and having made enquiries myself, it was apparent that "NO ONE" from the Walker family was involved in any "TRAFFIC ACCIDENT" in either Trinity or St Clement, and the post was removed. My email is below.

Dear Tim

Thank you for your email. As you will appreciate, I really do need to speak to someone in this regard. As I have stated, I will issue a full and unreserved apology to your family when I have dealt with the other matter. I am extremely angry at being misled and would wish to deal with this first, then I will honourably do the right thing on behalf of your family.

Regards Ian

Two days ago I spoke with the person referred to and strongly voiced our abhorrence and disapproval at being mislead. It was agreed that we should make a donation to Jersey Hospice on behalf of the Walker family, which will be done this week. What is left to do is below.

We would like to make a full, most sincere, and unreserved apology to ALL members of the Walker family for any hurt caused to any member of the family. We have clearly been misled, and we can confirm that any notion of a Walker family member being involved in this episode is pure conjecture, and is certainly untrue. We will be making the Jersey Hospice donation on behalf of the Walker family this week, and it will be expressed why the donation is being made. This incident is very much regretted.

Kindest regards

"The St Clement Crash"

This afternoon (strangely enough) it was confirmed to us just who was driving the Lotus during the fateful crash in St Clement earlier in the year.
We have also been told that the vehicle is still in Jersey, and that a forensic examination has taken place. We believe that the crash occurred for two, possibly three reasons. We are not able, at this present time, to divulge further information as matters are still ongoing.

What information we have at present, will be filed and saved.

"States Members To Question Corruption Pay-Offs"

QUESTIONS on why hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money was given in pay-offs to senior States managers will be asked in the States Chamber next week.
At least one States Member is understood to be asking a question during next Tuesday’s sitting about golden handshakes paid to the former States chief executive Bill Ogley and former chief officer of Health and Social Services Mike Pollard.
The two men received pay-offs totalling £800,000 between them, with Mr Ogley reportedly receiving £500,000 and Mr Pollard £300,000.
Over the weekend Deputy Phil Rondel had applied to the States Greffe to change a question he was due to ask next week on moorings to one about the golden handshakes.
However his request to ask that question has been turned down, according to the States Greffe, because another Member is already due to ask a question on the issue and the two were thought to be too similar.

"Silver Tsunami Can Be Averted"

THE most radical reform of health services for generations is proposed today as Jersey gears up to deal with an unprecedented rise in the number of retired Islanders.
Consultants brought in to suggest ways forward warn that the ‘silver tsunami’ threatening to hit Jersey’s shores will put huge demands on the healthcare system.

"Just give them all a shot of your spare bird flu vaccine, that should see them off, and fix the pension problem"

Today Health Minister Anne Pryke launched a major consultation to get Islanders’ views on the proposals, which, if accepted by the States, would drastically alter the way in which services are provided.
She said that Jersey needed to act now. The consultation paper says that the Hospital will need extensive refurbishment or replacing, which could cost up to £300 million.

"Jersey Hospitality Ass-ociation & Politisized Cops Stick The Corrupt Boot In"

No Wetherspoon for Waterfront

Would have been perfect sign for Jersey branch PMSL

English pub giant Wetherspoon have axed their plans to open a bar on Jersey's Waterfront.

The franchise - which owns more than 800 pubs and bars in the UK - had put in a planning application to open a bar at the old Chicago Rock site in St Helier.

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: "We can confirm that Wetherspoon has now decided not to proceed with the proposed pub at The Waterfront in St Helier.

"The company wishes to concentrate on its pub opening programme on the mainland and as a result has decided against the Jersey project."

The chain is famous across the UK for its good quality food and drink at bargain prices and many islanders were looking forward to a lower priced bar to add to the island's nightlife.

You flooded our site with comments expressing your excitement at a bar arriving with lower prices.

Jodie from St Helier said: "I think it would be great to have a Wetherspoon's as it is known for its cheap deals and food, which is needed here. It can very expensive round most of the bars."

Barbara from St Saviour said: "'Spoons will be awesome. 'Spoons will make jobs, and I'm sure the presence of 'Spoons won't spontaneously create 'yobs' as you say. So enjoy the nice things when they come your way."

Al said: "Wetherspoon's is a respected business, offering a chance for REAL competition. Isn't that what we need in the nightlife sector here? You should be thankful that UK businesses consider Jersey, and inject some often much needed impetus to this island....and especially in an otherwise stale and empty area!"

However, there has been local opposition to the plans since they were due to be discussed in the Royal Court last Wednesday. On that day, the company announced they were withdrawing their application - though said at the time they intended to re-apply at another stage.

The Jersey Hospitality Association voiced their concerns about Wetherspoon's application last week.

They say that the Association was of the understanding that the Waterfront sites would not again be licensed and that the Liberty Wharf development was granted a provisional license on that basis.

JHA Vice President, Mario Pirozzolo said: "It's already been demonstrated that a venue of this nature in this location stretches police resources, creates a flashpoint in an area where families are often present (cinema, KFC, Pizza Hut) and the existing late night trade is centred on the Weighbridge area and to expand late licensing out to the waterfront will stretch police resources which could impact on the proper policing of the existing busy late night St Helier areas."

"Samuel Gichuru - Money Laundering - And Jersey"

Nairobi — What started as a simple divorce case filed by former Kenya Power & Lighting Company boss Samuel Gichuru ended up fast-tracking his name to the list of wanted money launderers.
The Sunday Nation has established that British intelligence officers used some of the affidavits sworn in court during the divorce hearing to piece together bits of one of the most brazen cases of corruption during President Moi's 24 years in office.
Mr Gichuru is alleged to have received bribes and laundered money in excess of Sh1 billion through a company called Windward registered in Jersey, UK. (See separate story).
Sources familiar with the proceedings said Mr Gichuru may have won the divorce case, but his former wife, Salome Njeri, now deceased, dealt him a severe blow by lifting the lid on some of his best-kept secrets and questionable financial dealings.
In a certificate of urgency seeking an equal share of the matrimonial property filed in the Family Court in Nairobi on November 14, 2006, Njeri claimed Mr Gichuru controlled a multi-million-dollar estate, and that he was worth more than what was stated publicly.
She claimed that Mr Gichuru was operating foreign accounts, that some of the property had been acquired illegally and that he was planning to disinherit her by disposing her of the property and transferring some of it to his girlfriend.
Petitioned for divorce
"... during my marriage to the respondent, the respondent used to operate various bank accounts both locally and internationally and used to update me on our financial worth and investments," she said, adding, "since the respondent has petitioned for divorce he has started to alienate, sale or transfer the matrimonial properties to the name of his girlfriend with the sole aim of disentitling me and cheating me of my rightful share of the matrimonial properties."
However, Mr Gichuru contested the claims, saying they were spurious and malicious.
"...if this was indeed a joint account as alleged nothing would be easier than for the applicant to exhibit bank statements or some other such evidence of the existence of the account or the amount held in the account," he responded in an affidavit on December 19, 2006.
He also dismissed claims by Njeri in another affidavit sworn on November 22, 2006, that the sum in question and other property had been acquired through illegal means.
"Indeed, in a separate affidavit also sworn on November 22, 2006, the applicant has alleged that the money held in this account as well as other properties owned by me were improperly acquired and I am surprised that she should come to a court of law to lay a claim on what she alleges are ill gotten gains," he said.
If Mr Gichuru had been taken aback by the former wife's claims, he must have been chilled to the bone when British police sprung him a warrant of arrest for money laundering over suspicious financial dealings in Jersey Island.
It has also emerged that the money Mr Gichuru is accused of laundering is just a fraction of his vast business empire and fortune.
Friends and former associates interviewed put his worth at a conservative Sh20 billion, though others claimed he has assets in excess of Sh50 billion.
Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, who represented Ms Njeri in the divorce case in 2006, said she estimated their matrimonial property at between Sh70 billion and Sh100 billion.
To support her claims, Njeri listed 71 prime properties comprising land and buildings in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kitale, Kiambu, Naivasha, Nyahururu, Kitengela and Mavoko municipality.
They include land in the posh Karen area (five acres) and Mombasa Road, Dolphins Palms in Mombasa, three town houses in Kileleshwa (each worth about Sh30 million) and two flats in Hurlingham.
Other properties are in Kyuna Estate, the middle class Dam Estate in Nairobi and the high-end Spring Valley neighbourhood.
She also named tracts of agricultural land and prime plots in a number of counties, shares in top-notch companies, accounts in six top local banks and rent proceeds from houses in leafy city suburbs.
She further tabulated seven bank accounts locally and abroad and 23 companies in which she claimed Mr Gichuru had shares. These include his former parastatal KPLC, KenGen, Kenya Bus Services Ltd and Kenya Seed Company. Mr Gichuru was also said to own shares in Sasini Tea and Coffee Ltd, Yana Trading, Iberafrica Power and the prestigious Lord Errol - a restaurant in Nairobi's posh Runda suburb.
One of the overseas accounts listed in the suit papers was in Jersey in the English Channel that held $10 million (over Sh860 million) at the time.
"The properties, shares and bank accounts I disclose herein are a fraction of the properties," Ms Njeri told the court. "The properties I know and which I list in this case (are) in my humble view less than 10 per cent of what we acquired."
"... pending the hearing and final determination of the suit therein, the court do compel the respondent to disclose and deliver a schedule of the properties, shares in companies and bank accounts registered in his name or his benefit that are unknown to the applicant whether the same is located in the jurisdiction of this court or located in Great Britain, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Canada and Spain or any other jurisdiction," she pleaded.
The teacher-turned businesswoman was married to Mr Gichuru for 39 years; they had four children. They were married on December 9, 1967 at the PCEA Dr Arthur Memorial Church in Nakuru, the same year he joined the then Central Rift County Council as an administrative officer.
He joined KPLC in 1974 as an assistant company secretary. He rose through the ranks to become managing director in 1983, lasting at the helm until February 2003.
Njeri claimed that she had contributed substantially to the family property owned either jointly or solely by the respondent.
"During my marriage to the respondent since both of us were gainfully employed we jointly contributed to buy properties either in our joint names, through companies in which we were joint shareholders, in the sole name of the respondent or through companies whose shares are solely held by the respondent .... That even though I am just seeking equal shares of the matrimonial property a careful appraisal of our incomes which was as a result of his salary and my earning initial from my employment and later through the schools I ran will show that I contributed more than the respondent," she claimed.
Njeri initially worked for the City Council of Nairobi as a teacher for 10 years from 1974 before she left to "concentrate on family business." In the divorce proceedings, Mr Gichuru testified that their marriage broke down when Njeri moved to Nakuru in 1987.
He said she stopped coming to their city home after three years, and would only show up for social functions like weddings of their children.
Mr Gichuru told the court that she would come as a visitor, arriving in the morning and leaving in the evening. She attended those functions as a mother and not as a wife.
He also stated that during initial periods he would visit her at the Nakuru farm to check on its activities. He specified that since around 1987 they had had no conjugal relations. According to him, her actions affected him mentally and socially.

He testified that he had to shoulder responsibilities of both parents while the children were in school. He further said that as the chief executive of KPLC he was invited to several social and official functions, but was compelled to attend those functions on his own, causing him embarrassment "on continuous basis".
He further told Justice Kalpana Rawal that Njeri denied him the emotional and social support he required to be successful. The former Mrs Gichuru had charged in her petition that her husband was in an adulterous relationship with Bilha Wanjiku Gachoki.
But Mr Gichuru denied the allegations of cruelty and adultery levelled against him. He testified that Ms Gachoki was his friend and business partner. He told the court that he did not have any adulterous relation with her or with any other woman.

Domestic battles
Mr Gichuru has since married Ms Gachoki. Our efforts yesterday to get a comment from him failed.Prior to the domestic battles, Mr Gichuru had been in the limelight in 2003 when then Energy minister Ochilo Ayacko appointed a team to audit KPLC.
The appointment of the team, chaired by former Limuru MP George Nyanja, came as the new Narc government took power on the promise of zero tolerance of corruption

The Nyanja team accused Mr Gichuru of stealing millions of shillings from KPLC for nearly two decades, the charge now repeated by Jersey prosecutors. Mr Gichuru also created an artificial power shortages, said the report.The committee called for the seizure of Mr Gichuru's property and his subsequent prosecution, recommendations that were never followed through.
"(We found) mismanagement, total abuse of office, because even ethics and morality require that you don't do certain things," Mr Nyanja said at the time.
Mr Gichuru refused to comply with a request to appear before the committee, and Mr Ayacko later sent him on compulsory leave. Mr Gichuru later complained in court that the committee did not afford him a fair hearing.
The court found that the Energy minister did not have powers under the law to appoint an audit team.
"Such an act (the appointment of a probe team) is downright illegal and is therefore null and void," said justices Onesmus Mutungi and Matthew Emuku

The judges also agreed with Mr Gichuru that the committee that set out to probe KPLC would have been biased since about half of the members were former employees of the corporation and had worked under him.
The court, however, found that Mr Gichuru had refused to appear before the committee to tell his side of the story through what the judges called "posturing".
But the judges refused to prohibit future use of the report or the documents that were attached on the basis that it would gag investigation undertaken by a body properly authorised by law.
With the recent allegations emerging from Jersey, another chapter of revelations on Mr Gichuru's wealth may be opening.
It remains to be seen whether Chief Public Prosecutor Keriako Tobiko will hand Mr Gichuru and Mr Okemo over to British authorities for trial abroad.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

"Naive Nick & The JEP Readers" duped again!!!

It’s A Disgrace!

"Naive" Nick Corbel

GOLDEN handshakes worth hundreds of thousands of pounds given to senior States managers are an insult to everyday workers who are facing redundancies, service cuts, tax rises and uncertain futures, the leader of Jersey’s biggest union has said.
FWANK 'the bat' & OGLEY
Nick Corbel, of Unite the Union, reacted angrily to the revelation that the States had paid a total of £800,000 in pay-offs to two top civil servants who quit their jobs, States chief executive Bill Ogley and Mike pollard. Mr Corbel described it as ‘offensive and disgraceful’.

He is now calling for the two cases to be investigated and says that Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur and the States Employment Board, who agreed Mr Ogley’s contract, must be held accountable.

Union Leader Calls For Investigation Into Civil Service "pay-offs"

Reading the above headline from the JEP, one would immediately assume that Nick Corbel knows exactly what he is talking about, sadly, it appears that this is not the case. Nick is, as are most of Jersey's inhabitants, absolutely livid with the news that these two schmuck's are waltzing off into the sunset with nearly a million bucks between them! What Nick, and those who rely solely on Jersey's main stream media for their "NEWS" don't understand, is why these two Bozo's are being paid off? Ask any Jersey Blogger, they know why.

"Investigation into civil service pay-offs?" YES, I can just see our Chief Minister - Terry Le Sewer telling Nick Corbel that they were payed off for their hard work and excellent contributions to the "Jersey Way" of life. What I cannot envisage though, is Terry Le Sewer telling Nick Corbel that they were paid off for the corruptions they orchestrated on behalf of the Oligarchy to cover up child abuse and murder!!! Wakey Wakey sheeple of Jersey....

"Jersey's Finest Son"
Tell's This "Gold Plated" Story From Here On In,
And With His Trade-Mark Cogency
For The Facts & The Truth

Please click on the blue links below for the facts
regarding the story headlines

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


And Why it Persists.

Mike Pollard: a Case Study.

Part 1.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


And Why it Persists.

Mike Pollard: a Case Study.

Part 2.

Monday, 5 October 2009




An Evidenced Examination of the Conduct of Bill Ogley,

Jersey’s Chief Civil Servant.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009






And what we’re Up Against.

2007: Anti-Democratic and Criminal Conspiracy

By Jersey Civil Servants:

“Bill Ogley and the others were persistent and I was left with the clear impression that they were attempting to draw me, in my capacity as Chief of Police, into a civil service led attempt to remove a Minister from Office.”

Graham Power, July 2007.

1999: Failure to Prosecute

Serial-Killer ‘Nurse M’:

2009: Metropolitan Police Review of 1999

Investigation of ‘Nurse M’:

“4.5.11 Recommendation

It is recommended that the States of Jersey Police carry out an up-to-date risk assessment of the activities of [Nurse M] with a view to prevention of offences against vulnerable members of the Jersey community.”

2009: Most Child Abuse Cases Dropped

With Support of “Independent” UK Lawyers:

“7 Bedford Row”

“In 2003, 7 Bedford Row formed a professional alliance with Jersey-based BakerPlatt”.


Friday, 27 May 2011

"FURY - As Two Of Jersey's Leading Criminals Are Paid Off"

Just left click on the pic to read!!!

AND....To add insult to injury....We have this!

"Are the local media really so intrusive that they need a government health warning?"

THE life of a comment columnist in Jersey is not as arduous a task as many assume it to be.
For such a comparatively little rock, each week produces a plethora of stories, exposés and events to keep the pages of this esteemed publication running off the press and radio and television news broadcasting from dawn to dusk.
Unfortunately, the tendency to concentrate too much on the activities of our beloved politicians lulls the more self-important of that ilk into a false impression that the people have confidence in them.
There are none as loud as those who want to be heard and none as vociferous as a politician.
The first weeks of spring have provided a veritable smorgasbord of news vignettes – not meaty enough in substance to fill an entire column, but so delicious that they simply cannot be ignored because of their brevity.
Just where is a columnist supposed to start?
Ruffled feathers first spring to mind, and where better to begin than with the pampered birds of Terry Tonkin’s Turkey Farm, who have been doing lately what they do better than anything: pecking over old ground.
The latest boomerang debate to propel itself back to the House – and for the eighth time – was exempting food and fuel from the dreaded GST.
The 29 Ebenezer Scrooges who kicked the walking sticks out from the Tiny Tims of our community on this occasion did so in the knowledge that ere long, they would be discussing it all over again.
As I have said before, I can sometimes be slow in grasping the bleeding obvious, most probably because when the right thing to do is staring you in the face, you can mistakenly assume that all is not quite as it appears to be. Excuse me for simplifying things, but basic food prices are rising and, moreover, everything from toothpaste to terracotta flowers pots cost far more here than anywhere else in the British Isles.
If politicians are going to fleece anyone to plug the financial holes of their own-making, why hit those who will be hurt the most? Surely the burden should fall on the shoulders of those with deep pockets?
Rather than taxing milk, bread and coal, how about a levy on luxury vehicles costing more than £50,000? Why not introduce speed cameras? As the majority of drivers ignore legal limits, that should earn the Treasury enough in fines to scrap GST altogether.
More power to the elbows of the States Members who refuse to take no for an answer. They exhibit the same dogged tenacity any journalist worth their salt has to apply when trying to get a story out of a States department when it decides to clam up.
Been there, done that, in my past incarnation as a news reporter, and proud to have exposed issues that rightfully belonged in the public domain.
If there weren’t enough red rags dangled before the Island’s media by the States machine, there comes another so vivid that reporters need dark glasses to prevent permanent damage to their sight.
The local media are so intrusive that they now carry a government health warning in the essential background reading compiled for applicants for a top job in the civil service. What next? Raising superinjunctions as part of every senior appointment so the media can’t even say who has got a job, let alone try to get them to answer a simple question such as ‘what is your favorite colour?’
Compared to the national tabloid media, in particular those hacks who never let the truth get in the way of a good story, it is somewhat of an exaggeration for the States to say that, by UK standards the local media is intrusive and requires resilience to deal with.
If the media were not trying to scale the Chinese walls erected by paranoid ministers around their little empires, then who else would be serving the taxpayers interest to ensure that public money is wisely spent?
If patronising the media wasn’t enough, the population as a whole has been told that it is a tad thick to fill the top posts, advertised at great expense in the most up-market of national broadsheets, The Times. It is posts such as human resources director for health and the entire States leviathan that are – we have been informed – above our intelligence.
Clothes and the king, station, ideas above and roaring mice are words that spring to mind.
While our beloved politicians were playing Groundhog Day and their top minions perpetuating the gravy trains, life sipped from the poison chalice of Planning was becoming particularly unpalatable for Senator Freddie Cohen.
Whatever Islanders may think about his decisions while in office, making death threats against the Senator and his family – and subjecting them to anti-semantic abuse – is intolerable and brings shame on our community.
There are times when all of us could happily throttle a States Member or take up where Guy Fawkes failed.
But there is a distinct line between the acceptable form of political criticism, as brilliantly practiced in the blunt world of Australian politics, and inappropriate and repellent behaviour.
Freedom of speech is paramount in any democratic society but not when it is abused to incite violence, fuel prejudice or undermine the legitimate activities of a free and open society.
The press have a vital function to perform in maintaining freedom of speech in the public interest. It should not be hampered in doing its job.

"Education Have Input In Child Welfare?"

Has Pryke Forgotten About Lundy???

"More jersey Perverts Make The Register"

"Click on the pic to read"

"SO, how is it that anon cannot be named?"

What is Jersey hiding now?

"Binge Drinking On The Jersey Agenda Again"

JERSEY’S heavy drinking habits are rubbing off on the Island’s youth, a recent health survey has found.
Although the number of ten- to 15-year-olds who drink alcohol has fallen since 2006, when the last survey was held, the latest questionnaire has thrown up statistics which head of heath improvement Andrew Heaven described as ‘challenging’.
The figures show that:
• More than half of 14- and 15-year-olds who drink alcohol do so to excess.
• Six per cent of 10- and 11-year-old boys had drunk alcohol without their parents knowing in the week before the survey.
• A quarter of 14- and 15-year-old drinkers drink more than they intend to at least once a month.
•  Seventy per cent of 12- and 13-year-olds had tried alcohol – down from 83 per cent in 2006.

Jersey are happy to blame the parents of these kids, yet it is the States of Jersey and it's oppressive regime over the years that turned the parents into alcoholics! The quite rancid accomodation that most have had to endure over the last thirty years can be seen as a major contributor. No-one ever gave a damn about those coming here to make a new life, a weeks wages for a weeks rent was all the rich were interested in.

"It's Your Mess 'RICH PEOPLE OF JERSEY' Clean It Up!!!"

"J.H.A Not Happy At The Thought Of Wetherspoons Giving Joe Public A Good Deal"

Association not keen on Wetherspoons idea

Despite provisionally pulling their bid to open a bar on the Waterfront, the Jersey Hospitality Association have voiced their concerns about Wetherspoon's application.

They say that the Association was of the understanding that the Waterfront sites would not again be licensed and that the Liberty Wharf development was granted a provisional license on that basis.

English bar chain Wetherspoons had put in an application to develop the old Chicago Rock site into a food and drinking establishment.

JHA Vice President, Mario Pirozzolo said: "It's already been demonstrated that a venue of this nature in this location stretches police resources, creates a flashpoint in an area where families are often present (cinema, KFC, Pizza Hut) and the existing late night trade is centred on the Weighbridge area and to expand late licensing out to the waterfront will stretch police resources which could impact on the proper policing of the existing busy late night St Helier areas."

A spokesman for Wetherspoons gave no further details about the reasons for dropping the application but said the company would reapply at a later stage.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

"Jersey's Chief Police Officer - Mike Bowron - Receives A Complaint"

Having been fobbed off with three investigations into my complaints over the last five years, and still having received "NO" justice, I have now taken it upon myself to see what our new Chief of Police Mike Bowron will do about corruption within the Jersey Police Force, Judiciary and Government. Below is my letter to Mr Bowron.

Mr Mike Bowron
Chief Police Officer

Police Headquarters
Rouge Bouillon, St Helier
26th May 2011

Dear Mr Bowron

I write to inform you that I wish to lodge formal complaints against Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor, Commissioner Francis Hamon, and Jurat’s Bullen and Morgan. The nature of these complaints are of ‘perverting the course of justice’ and ‘dereliction of duty’ and centre around my unlawful arrest and detention on the 21st of June 2006.
It is also worthy of note that these complaints were levelled against David Warcup, Ian Le Marquand, and William Bailhache. Ian Le Marquand whitewashed my complaints against David Warcup, however, I have still heard nothing of my complaints against Ian Le Marquand or William Bailhache? Bearing in mind that these complaints were registered in September 2009, I find it wholly unacceptable that I have not received any notification of their outcome.
There have been three investigations into my complaints against the four officers involved in the incident of the 21st June 2006, and still no satisfactory, fair, or just conclusion has emerged. These officers committed a Grave & Criminal Assault against me, and went on to commit perjury against me in Ian Le Marquand’s Court. Le Marquand then unlawfully dismissed the evidence I produced in court, namely, an audio recording of the incident (and transcript) with the time and date on it.
This case was appealed in the Royal Court by myself, as I had been refused legal representation at trial, and appeal. I showed at my appeal, that all four officers had perjured themselves during my trial and this fact was (twice) accepted by Commissioner Hamon and Jurat’s Bullen and Morgan. They also stated that they had some sympathy for me, yet knowing of the perjury, still found me guilty?
It has been made quite clear to myself, and many others, that perjury by policemen in Jersey’s Courts is an accepted practice within Jersey’s Law Enforcement and Judiciary, and that covering these crimes up is also a mandatory practice of the Jersey Establishment.
However, I cannot believe Sir, that a man of your standing would tolerate such overt criminality within a jurisdiction that you yourself are charged with policing. In light of this factor, I would kindly request that you look into the allegations that I have set out above. I have also enclosed a DVD containing all the evidence of this case for your perusal.
I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience Sir.
Yours sincerely
Ian Evans

"Bill Ogley - AKA 'The Shredder' - Leaves With Your Money!!!"

Ogley Payed Off With Crazy Money
STATES chief executive Bill Ogley is to receive a six-figure pay-off when he leaves his job at the end of the month, a States Senator said yesterday.
Speaking at a Scrutiny Panel hearing yesterday Senator Jim Perchard said that both a States chief executive and a former chief officer of Health and Social Services had left their posts with ‘golden handshakes’ worth hundreds of thousands of pounds each.
He referred to one leaving with £500,000 and another with £300,000, but did not specify who had received what. It is understood, however, that the higher figures relates to Mr Ogley’s departure.
The Senator did not give names but was understood to be referring to Mr Ogley and the former chief officer of Health and Social Services Mike Pollard, who resigned in 2009.

"Sorry But Words Fail Me On This One"

"Guernsey Dish Out A Fitting Deterrent Of Three Life Sentences"

A teenager who admitted raping one woman and attempting to rape two others in Guernsey has been given three life sentences.

Filipe Burton was just 18 when he carried out the attacks over a six week period last summer.

Caged Filipe has been ordered to serve the time concurrently, which means the three sentences will run at the same time.

In sentencing, Judge Russell Finch said at the Royal Court, there was 'a highly significant risk of [Burton] re offending against adult female strangers' and said he should only be released when no longer a danger to women and even then only on licence with supervision. - News, Weather & Information for the Channel Islands - Filipe Burton rape verdict

In newly-released CCTV footage, Burton is shown (above) calmly walking through St Peter Port just 25 minutes after one of his attacks.

However, in mitigation, Filipe's advocate said his client - who is now 19 - had 'some learning deficit and wasn't very much more than a child' at the time of the crimes.

Filipe struck fear into women in the island and led to police admitting that it was 'not safe' for women to walk home alone at night.

Burton attacked his three victims in three separate incidents in St Peter Port, prompting police to warn women to take a taxi home at night or walk with friends.

Burton stalked his victims on deserted roads and lanes. First, he raped a woman in Forest Lane; then, a fortnight later, came an attempted rape in Cambridge Park Road; and finally another attempted rape in Forest Lane.

Burton will serve his time in youth detention before prison when he turns 21.

"Does Ozouf Want Us All Ill?"

Ozouf calls GST-free fruit and veg 'impossible'

Senator Philip Ozouf has called for Deputy Shona Pitman to withdraw her recent proposition to exempt healthy foods from GST.

The Treasury Minister says it would be 'impossible' to administer.

Senator Ozouf says that while he is in favour of promoting healthy eating, States members should not make promises in propositions that can not be honoured.

He said Deputy Pitman's proposition was poorly written and cannot realistically be implemented.

This latest attempt to remove GST from food comes just a week after Senator Alan Breckon's proposition to scrap the tax on food and domestic fuel was defeated.

Deputy Pitman wants Health Minister Anne Pryke to draw up a list of healthy foods, for approval by the States. Items on the list would then become GST-free from the 1 January next year.

In her proposition, Deputy Pitman proclaims: "Isn't it finally time that Government listened; admitted that we have got this wrong? Attempts to get basic foodstuffs exempt from this insidious and wholly regressive tax are nothing new. Senator B.E. Shenton tried as recently as October 2007, and Senator S. Syvret tried at length, as long ago as 2006, to secure a wide range of exemptions. Yet, still, this government - or I should say, not enough of this government - are willing to listen."

She went on: "Why?, I ask myself. Is it because the majority of this Assembly do not have the insight, the intelligence or wisdom to see that such taxation is wholly wrong and immoral? No, there are many intelligent men and women in this Assembly, so I do not believe it can be that.

"Is it because the fiscal management under this Council of Ministers and Minister for Treasury and Resources has been so staggeringly inept that we really have no choice; no other recourse; than to tax the very basics of healthy nutrition to keep the wolf from the door?"

In last week's GST exception debate it was stressed by Senator Ozouf that any exemption would lead to additional costs for both retailers and the tax collectors. He also said the most targeted way to shield the least well-off from the tax was to increase welfare allowances.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

"No Cover-Up In Dita Paverniece Death Crash Say Jersey Police"

THE detective in charge of an investigation into a fatal car crash has moved to quash rumours of a cover-up surrounding the identity of the driver.
DI Chris Beechey
A 27-year-old woman was killed in the accident on 12 February, when a Lotus Elise hit a wall on St Clement’s Coast Road, and the 35-year-old man behind the wheel spent several days in hospital.
DI Chris Beechey, head of CID at the States police, said that they were still investigating the incident and that while no one had been charged with any offences, the police were unable to release the driver’s name.

‘There is no cover-up,’ he said. ‘Whether it’s a shoplifter, someone arrested on suspicion of assault or malicious damage, we will not name the individual while the investigation is continuing,’ he said.

Could this much damage have occured at 30 mph?
Victim, Miss Dita Paverniece

"Jersey Politicians Should Be Paid On Their Integrity Level?"

Do you think politicians should get pay rise?

Jersey's politicians could be set for a pay rise in 2012.

The body responsible for reviewing politicians salaries are preparing to reveal their recommendations ahead of the summer break.

They are writing to all elected States members and they are asking the public to get their views.

At the moment all elected members can claim a possible £41,182 a year in basic remuneration and an annual expenses allowance of £3,650 - that is a total of £44,832.

Compared to the average wage in Jersey - based on 2010 statistics - their £45,000 a year appears a good deal.

It is the same pay bracket as those in Financial Services and is just edging ahead of the Public Sector. However, it is more than double the average take-home salary of anyone working in Agriculture, which is £21,000 and Hospitality, which is £19,000.

States members' salaries across the Channel Islands are very different. Guernsey's politicians currently have the potential to earn the most. The Chief Minister could take home £48,000 and the Deputy Chief Minister earns £42,000.

All other members are paid between £34,000 and £40,000 depending on whether they are Ministers or sit on committees.

Jersey law dictates that all States members are paid the same salary and that £45,000 is currently four times the earning potential of a politician in Alderney.

Bearing in mind the fact that most of our politicians should be in jail, it is hard to fathom why most of them are even getting paid? There are very few politicians in Jersey who do the right thing by their electorate, or their oath of office, we know who the honourable ones are!

"States Panel Not Keen For Interests On The Web"

The committee responsible for the smooth running of Jersey's States is opposing plans to list members' interests on the web.

Privileges and Procedures say there could be security implications and it could deter people from standing for election.

There is a 'book of interests' which the public can inspect at the States bookshop across the road from the States Chamber. Among other things, it lists members' business interests, land and property they own, and any gifts or sponsorship they accept.

However, copies are not published on the States’ website and copies are not available for the press or the public and many members argue this is not adequate.

They want Jersey to follow Guernsey, England, Scotland and Wales and put the info on the web.

It will now be up to the States to decide.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

"Jersey's Honorary Police Assist Child Abusers"

Honorary Policeman Daniel Scaiffe, refused to charge child abusers,
Yet couldn't wait to get Stuart Syvret charged.

THERE are two schools of thought in matters concerning the Island’s system of honorary policing.

One says that, in spite of being a tradition rooted in the ancient past, honorary service is still relevant in the modern world. The opposing view suggests that policing is a matter for professionals and that parochial officers have had their day.
The first of these points of view is supported by the many positive things that can be said about voluntary service at parish level. When it operates as it should the honorary system boosts community values, allows individuals to give as well as take from society, relieves pressure on the professional force and ensures that there is police cover for events that might otherwise go unpoliced.
It can also be argued that honorary officers have a special understanding of the communities in which they live and are often able to apply a lighter touch than uniformed officers – though it can also be argued that this is evident chiefly in the country parishes.
Those, meanwhile, who attack the honorary tradition say that present-day policing is no environment for amateurs and that the honorary system can amount to a clique that is not fully representative of the interests and attitudes of the community that it is meant to serve.
There is, perhaps, little prospect of these separate viewpoints ever being reconciled. However, it sometimes seems as if honorary structures are driven to undermine their own credibility and to offer evidence that the system is, indeed, out of touch with modern life rather than stressing the many benefits that it continues to offer the Island and Islanders.
A case in point is the threat of a fine which currently hangs over the Parish of St Helier because it has been unable to find the tenth of the ten Centeniers it is required to have. If the vacancy is not filled, the parish could have to stump up £5,000.
This might be an incentive to action, but it is a perverse one which, through the publicity that accompanies the slap on the wrist, unintentionally reinforces the idea that serving as a Centenier in St Helier is so onerous that the parish must be coerced into a desperate search for someone to fill the vacant post.
What the parish really requires is encouragement and enough leeway to find a truly suitable candidate for an undeniably demanding role rather than accepting anyone, suitable or otherwise, willing to take on the job.


In times past, the Honorary System was, for the most part, a good thing. Within the Honorary Force were some decent, just, and fair officers who would adjudicate charges with some competence and impartiality.

Now, sadly, they just seem to want to charge everyone with as many crimes as is possible, having four or five bites at the same cherry! so to speak.

But when it comes to child abusers, they don't seem to want to charge anyone? Centenier Daniel Scaife who (at the eleventh hour) refused to charge child abusers, the Bonner's.

There is also the case in Feb 2002 whereby the St John's Constable Michael Touzel, along with deputy Phil Rondel, and the local vicar, gave character references to the court to enable a Child Rapist (Brian Downs) to escape a prison sentence!!!

Child Rapist - Taxi Driver Brian Downs

"Is This What We Want For Jersey?"

"Missing Millionaire - Is It Time For Closure?"

THE son of a millionaire Islander who went missing in Spain seven years ago is seeking to have his father declared dead by the Royal Court.
Brian Neill was 68 when he went missing in January 2004 and has not been seen or heard from since.
His bank accounts have not been touched and his business interests, which include eight flats in Roseville Street, have been looked after by his daughter.
Now his 52-year-old son, Stephen Neill, wants the court to officially declare his father dead, which would allow him to share in an inheritance reportedly worth around £3 million.

Brian & Patricia Neill
 The Royal Court confirmed that such an application had been made and said the matter was currently before the court.

"Jersey Recognised For Swift Response To Swine Flu?"

Jersey's swift response to the swine flu virus in 2009 has been internationally recognised.
Jersey health expert, Dr Linda Diggle, has been invited to tell an international conference at The Hague about it.
She will speak to more than 2,000 delegates about the system in place to protect children during the pandemic.
Dr Susan Turnbull, the acting medical officer of health, said she was delighted for her colleague.
The invitation to speak at the conference came after a group of independent scientific researchers, commissioned by the European Centre for Disease Control, studied the Jersey pandemic experience and measured how the vaccination campaign prevented a major spread of the virus in the island.

Dr Turnbull said her department had been criticised by some for over-reacting to the virus.
"We were able to vaccinate about 80% of all children in the island in less than a week and that is seen as a unique success.
"It was virtually unheard of but the further ramifications of that is that it seems to have helped us to prevent about 20,000 - 22,000 more infections of the people in Jersey and that would have had a tremendous impact on the island."
Dr Turnbull said it was estimated 20 people in Jersey would have died from swine flu if every islander had not been offered a vaccination during the 2009 pandemic.