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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

"Why Not Just Remove The Monopoly On Greedy Dentists???"

States may help on dental charges

But probably won't

Islanders could get more help from the States to pay high dental charges.

ISLANDERS could get more help from the States to pay high dental charges.
The cost of going to the dentist will form part of a major review commissioned by the new Social Security Minister, Francis Le Gresley. The move follows the decision yesterday by Senator Alan Breckon to withdraw plans for a £1 million States-funded mobile dental scheme. The two Senators agreed that yesterday’s debate should not go ahead, and that a review should take place next year instead.

Senator Le Gresley confirmed on Wednesday morning that he was open to the idea of using money in the Health Insurance Fund – a contributory pot into which Islanders pay through Social Security Contributions – to lighten the load.


  1. Greed is a disease which is highly contageous in Jersey....!

  2. Do we all believe that the rent rebate scheme is a good thing which helps to keep rents low? I don't, in fact I think that it encourages rents to go even higher with only the rebate making it "affordable".

    So why should this be any different?

    Some readers here hate the dreaded "c" word ... no, not that one, I mean 'capitalism'. If there are not enough customers the costs will come down as competition takes over. Will some dentists leave the island? Possibly, but if they do decided to make the move to uproot their family life they would probably be replaced by others.

    As an aside, has anyone noticed how many doctors there are on this island? I saw recently a sign outside a GP practice showing the surgery times. Drs only working two sessions a week. Nice work if one can work and survive on one full day a week mah luv eh?

    The Beano is not the Rag