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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

"Transparency In Jersey - Pull The Other One"

Jersey politician wants open ballots for ministers and chairmen

The States of Jersey 
Deputy Pitman wants open ballots for ministers and chairs of the committees and scrutiny panels

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Deputy Trevor Pitman wants the ballot for ministers and chairmen to be open.
Currently there is a secret ballot for ministers, and for chairmen of scrutiny panels, the privileges and procedures and the public accounts committees, and the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission.
But the deputy wants States members to be able to ask who voted for whom.
The deputy successfully brought in changes this year to allow the latest chief minister's ballot in November to be made by open ballot.
Deputy Pitman said the change had brought to an end "the damaging and divisive secrecy that had been in place throughout the less than satisfactory first two terms of ministerial government".
If the States agrees, the ballots would be open for those elected to the States in the next election in 2014.
The States will debate the proposal on 17 January, the first sitting after the Christmas break.


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  2. AND?

    That has anything to do with anything BECAUSE???

  3. Transparency Law in Jersey, don`t make me laugh...!!!!
    They agreed in principle, a Freedom of Information Law, but would give no date for commencement, it other words, it will never happen.
    And, as I have been told more times that I can remember, "if you do not like the way we do things in Jersey, then fcuk off...!!!!"
    What e getout, how the fcuk can you reason or debate with people like that.
    I happen to agree with most of what Ian posts, and if there is a more corrupt, evil,and greedier place than Jersey, then I would love to know where the fcuk it is.