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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

"States Of Jersey Misleading People - NEVER!"

Speed limit survey was ‘flawed and misleading’

The survey was flawed, say a scrutiny panel
The survey was flawed, say a scrutiny panel

A STATES survey on speed limits was ‘seriously flawed’ and the results extremely misleading, a Scrutiny report has revealed.

The methodology and interpretation of the survey was wrong and the results were ‘wholly unrepresentative’, the Environment Scrutiny panel found.

They said that the results vastly overstated support in the community for raising the speed limit in green lanes to 20 mph and understated backing for 40 mph limits.

The group consisted of Transport Minister Kevin Lewis and former States Members Graeme Butcher and Peter Hanning.

This week Deputy Lewis accepted that the survey was ‘flawed’ and that the group did not undertake any new detailed analysis of road accidents and their connection to road speed.
However, he said that an investigation on these issues had previously been carried out by Transport and Technical Services and officers advised the group.
He also agreed that there were faults in the survey.

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  1. Flawed and defective,,,so can we have our money back along with your resignation Mr Lewis please.....go back to showing films not making comedy ones.