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Monday, 26 December 2011

"Some Common Sense From Old Roy Boy"

Jersey States 'should break for elections'

The States of Jersey 
States members can currently bring legislation during the election period

The States of Jersey should not sit during an election period, according to a St Saviour politician.
Deputy Roy Le Herissier wants the States to approve a change that would limit the election period and stop the States sitting.
He said government should be confined to "routine administration" in the run up to an election.
Deputy Le Herissier said it was "totally wrong" that members were bringing propositions in that period.
He said: "These propositions could be construed as giving political advantage to current members and, quite preposterously, result in members approving or rejecting such legislation who may well not be in the new House."
The current election period starts after the nomination meeting which is held one month before election day but members can sit up to three weeks before and can lodge propositions throughout the period.
Deputy Le Herissier said: "I am proposing a four-week campaign to ensure a short, sharp campaign. Otherwise, conditions like poster and hustings fatigue can easily set in."
If approved by the States the Privileges and Procedures Committee would need to bring legislation politicians could vote on.
The next election in 2014 would then have a four-week election period and there would be no States sitting during that period.
Politicians would also not be able to lodge propositions during the period.
States members will debate the proposition on 17 January 2012.

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