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Thursday, 29 December 2011

"SoJ Think They Own Our Beaches Now, As Well As The Fish In The Sea"

It is thought that the proposed event would bring  international teams to the Island
It is thought that the proposed event would bring international teams to the Island

AN international beach polo event is being planned for September – but first the States will have to agree to relax the law that bans horses from the beaches during daylight hours.

Jersey Pottery is organising the event in St Brelade’s Bay and has asked the Economic Development Minister to support the tournament.

Senator Alan Maclean said that he was happy to give his backing and has brought a proposition asking the States to amend the Policing of Beaches Law.

Horses are currently banned from Jersey’s beaches between 10.30 am and 6 pm.
Under the proposed new law, they would be allowed onto beaches for approved equine events, allowing Jersey Pottery’s planned polo tournament to take place.


  1. Are you being a bit too "them v. us" here?

    The States of Jersey is OUR government, elected by US, for OUR benefit. Anything the SoJ own is owned by The People.

    It's up to us to stand decent candidates and vote for them - if we fail to do that we get (as Stuart says) the government we deserve!

  2. The SoJ cannot lawfully own public land, everyone and everything on the planet has the right of use where and when they choose, its as simple as that!

  3. Well it looks like the two horses I saw on the beach yesterday afternoon kind of agree with you Ian.

  4. our beaches belong to the crown. you do not need quallies if anything is owned by the crown

  5. Anonymous Dec 29 - 11.22am - The ban between 10.30am and 6pm does not apply in the winter months, only in the summer months. So the horses you saw the other day were well within their right.