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Friday, 30 December 2011

"Social Security Reneige On Dental Bill"

Cancer sufferer in cash plea

A young Jersey woman who suffers from epilepsy and has recently undergone cancer treatment has spoken out about her battle for additional income support.

She needs the money for dental treatment - because, as a side effect of her medication, she has lost all her teeth. reneige

She claims Social Security promised to pay her dentist's bill, but says now they have gone back on their word.

Katrina has now been stung with a dentist's bill for £13,000.

£13,000??? Cover-Up TV reporting for you. Even our disgustingly greedy dentists in Jersey wouldn't have the God Damned impudence and cheek to demand £13,000 for a UK priced £200 set of dentures!!!

Social Security are disputing she ever made a claim for help - they are refusing to pay.

Katrina said: "I kept phoning them to explain the situation about my teeth and when I was having it done. So they were fully aware of everything as far as I was concerned. They had the documentation, no one once said to me we haven't got any documentation, so from my point of view they had all the documentation."

Deputy Shona Pitman, who is supporting Katrina's cause, says she suspects Social Security have lost Katrina's application and the supporting documents - And this, she says, is a regular occurrence in the department.

Deputy S. Pitman said: "It's frequent that documents are lost, personal information is lost, differing information is given out to members of the public and this is affecting people's entitlement."

In response, the new Social Security Minister is defending how his department handle claims.

Senator Le Gresley said: "I would find it very hard to understand that we would have lost the documentation in the circumstances you're describing, we have systems in place that if any documents did turn up in the wrong place other departments would be alerted to the case and they would be recovered."

But after Channel Television's enquiries, the department is now indicating they might revisit Katrinas case if she submits a full application for her dental costs.


  1. OH...

    Why is it that I don't pay tax and social security anymore!!!


  2. Let's put it this way, for those not in the know.

    I'm in my late 50's and have been a jobseeker for almost 2 years (ill health and age not much help when seeking work).

    I just got a letter inviting me to register as a jobseeker as "Our records show that you are not registered" ??????

    So I went down to see them and they have lost all my details, all my history (including my CV that they supposedly use to "match" me to jobs - not that they ever have).

    My SS contact told me, after looking at her computer screen, "Apart from your name and your Social Security number, your records page is completely blank".

    And what would Mr Le Gresley know? Talk about being thrown in at the deep-end. With all due respect to the man, this is GOVERNMENT (those upon whom the rest of us rely). Going from managing the local Citizens Advice Bureau to running the entire Social Security Department is akin to going from petrol-pump attendant to chief engineer as Ferrari.

    Any wonder that the Finance Industry and high-level tax avoiders chortle, as they not even break into a sweat, running rings around our "Government"?